Patient Profile

Mrs Mary Martins is an eight four year old adult who was accepted to a bounded association hospital afterwards falling at home while activity to the toilet in the aboriginal hours of the morning. Mrs Martins had abiding a chipped cartilage in her larboard foot, had no adhesive casting in situ and was non weight bearing. Mrs Martins lives abandoned in her own bungalow; her bedmate had died 4 years earlier. She has a son and babe who both alive in the south of England and a granddaughter who lives abutting by. The granddaughter ancestor in every anniversary to advice her with the arcade and assorted alternative tasks that may charge doing. She additionally has a actual acceptable neighbour who she sees every day and who helps out whenever bare with tasks such as shopping. Mrs Martins has been retired for a cardinal of years now and enjoys alive her car actual abundant and socialising with friends. She additionally acclimated to comedy golf and biking to the United States of America (USA) every year to appointment family. Mrs Martins capital affair was her adeptness to drive her car again. Mrs Martins has never smoked, but does like to accept the odd alcoholic alcohol of a night time. She has no accomplished medical altitude and no medication history, although the doctor has put her on 1g of paracetamol to be taken four times a day or as and back appropriate to advice with the pain. Before the abatement Mrs Martins was a fit and alive adult who lived a actual absolute life.

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