“Emotional appeals (sometimes alleged appeals to pathos) are able accoutrement for influencing what bodies anticipate and believe” (Everything’s an altercation 38). There are abounding methods that can be acclimated to actualize an affecting affiliation with people. In the adventure alleged “The F word” by Firoozeh Dumas, the columnist use amusement to emotionally affix the readers to her story. In some instances aback writers appetite to get a added bulletin beyond to the audiences they use a sadder approach. In the bartering by AT&T, they try to get the bulletin beyond texting and active and the austere consequences. A acceptable adjustment that some authors use to get the absorption and accomplish a affiliation with the admirers is by application humor. In the adventure alleged “The F Word,” the author, Firoozeh Dumas, talks about her acquaintance growing up in American with an Iranian name that was actual difficult for bodies to say. She goes to allocution about how it was added of a attempt applicable in with her name than annihilation else. “All of us immigrants knew that affective to America would be abounding with challenges, but none of us anticipation that our names would be such an obstacle. (Firoozeh Dumas 751) Being so fed up with the name butchering, she decides to change her name to a abundant easier American name, Julie. She goes by the name of Julie for a while again decides to go aback to Firoozeh. She mentions in the book that afterwards a while she chock-full caring about what bodies alarm her and responds to aloof about any name that begins with an F (Firoozeh Dumas 754). Dumas was acknowledged in accepting her adventure beyond to the readers and abounding bodies in this country can chronicle to this adventure advancing from a altered country with a continued or difficult name to say. To get a bulletin beyond or actualize awareness, some authors and the media like to use added of a added added relatable approach, by accepting bodies allocution about their activity experiences, putting up clear pictures, alike appearance the tragedy that is occurring because of something. In the T. V. ad by AT&T, they accession acquaintance of the dangers of texting while driving. In the commercial, it had one chat appearance up in the alpha that said, “Yeah,” and you apprehend the articulation of a babe saying, “This is the argument my sister was account from me aback she comatose her car and died. It was a quick sixteen additional commercial, but it was a acknowledged way of application desolation and acceptable bulletin to get beyond to the admirers with a abysmal affecting connection. This shows that your activity can change because of a simple bulletin and affect those who adulation you. It can be actual relatable to those adolescent drivers and alike parents that like to use their corpuscle phones while driving. Desolation is acclimated aback writers or alike the media appetite to accretion an affecting affiliation to their audiences and use affecting appeals to access them. In “The ‘F’ Word,” by Firoozeh Dumas, she uses amusement to affix her adventure to her audiences. It was a actual relatable adventure and was a acceptable archetype of application pathos. Another acknowledged anatomy of desolation was in an advertisement by AT&T about texting and driving. It was a sad anatomy of desolation but it was a acceptable bulletin to get beyond to the audiences that drive and like to use their corpuscle phones. The use of desolation is broadly acclimated to access and draw an affecting address to the readers. Some are acknowledged with it and others abort to accretion a connection. The adventure of Dumas and the advertisement by AT&T were both acknowledged with the use of pathos.

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