Patho W#4

Lymphatic System Disorders and Peripheral Vascular Disorders.

Find a analysis commodity accompanying to one of the afterward topics:

1- Neoplastic claret disorders (Exp: Leukemia or Polycythemia) or

2- Lymphatic disorders ( Exp: Lymphomas, Lymphedema, or Castleman disease)

Once you accept alien your topic, amuse use the afterward ten questions to appraisal your analysis article. The ten questions charge to be congenital into the altercation and presented in APA architecture afterward the addition of your article. The aftermost branch should be a cessation attached all the agreeable together. This altercation column will be best than best altercation posts, so amuse accomplish abiding that you are answering all the questions and accouterment the advice that is required. Please analysis the explanation as well (see attachment).

Article Appraisal Criteria:

1. Author, Year, Title, Journal

2. Purpose of the article: research, theoretical, affairs implementation

3. From what conduct was the abstract analysis drawn?

4. What were the gaps, issues, purposes articular from the amalgam of the literature?

5. What architecture and methods were acclimated for the purpose of the project?

6. Were the sample, size, and ambience (or best of articles) able for the project?

7. What were the allegation and conclusions?

8. What are the implications for approaching research?

9. How could the advice in this commodity be activated to avant-garde nursing practice?

10. Would you acclaim this commodity to others as an archetype to add to the compassionate of this information?


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