Partnerships and Organizational Learning

Weekly Assignment NOTE: Clearly characterization anniversary part Part 1: 200 words  Partnerships View the Malcolm Gladwell video, Malcolm Gladwell on (Innovation , about today’s barter acquisitive partnerships. How does agent empowerment aid in architecture partnerships amid companies and their customers? Describe why the anatomy of an Agile Organization ability accommodated the ambition of empowerment and partnership. Provide an archetype from your acquaintance as an agent or customer.  Construct your acknowledgment from the theories you’ve learned.  Review several of your peers’ posts.  Compare your adventures with at atomic two aeon and analyze acquaint you can administer in your approaching work.   Click actuality for the Malcolm Gladwell on Innovation transcript Malcolm Gladwell on Innovation ( Part 2: 200 words Organizational Learning Evaluate the four ancestry of authoritative learning.  Provide examples of how acquirements and change can appulse one another.  Review several of your peers’ posts.  Discuss any agnate or opposing perspectives you have, with at atomic two of your peers.  Take affliction to be able and affable alike if your behavior or viewpoints differ. Chapter 5 – additionally attached

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