Part One & Part 2

Each alone will actualize a fabulous appearance who may seek career counseling.  The fabulous appearance will charge to accommodate as follows from syllabus: Basic Demographics such as age, sex, race, and education Career Development appropriately far Reason for entering Career Counseling                      Any different problems that may access counseling affair (e.g. disability, bread-and-butter problems, affecting problems Part 2 I listed the bristles theories beneath with a description.  If you anniversary appetite to aces one that would be abundant and aloof acknowledge to this column with which one you are applying to your fabulous appearance and I will accomplish an adapted account for everyone.  Thanks so much! Match anniversary fabulous appearance to one of the bristles theories (listed beneath with description from our textbook) covered appropriately far in the courseand accommodate a abrupt account of how you would present the approach to the individual.  Consider including: Information bare for antecedent assessment Tools activated in the appraisal process Steps in the career development process Two assets the applicant may acquisition useful Assignments applicant needs to accomplish in adjustment to advance in their career development Theory One – Holland’s Approach of Vocational Choice and Adjustment (Ch. 3) Individuals and environments can be declared in agreement of their affinity to six model/theoretical types à RIASEC Summary of types on p. 58 in Ch. 3

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