Parkinson’s Disease Case Study

Parkinson’s Ache Case Abstraction Details: Background Doug and his wife Maria accept three developed children, all of whom are affiliated with adolescent accouchement of their own. Doug works as a bounded sales adumbrative for a actinic aggregation that produces plastics, chemicals, and agronomical products. He has been in the position for 15 years, accepting confused into this job afterwards abrogation a altered aggregation accomplishing agnate work. The job requires him to biking to accord demonstrations of the articles beyond a six-state region. This requires him to fly and drive in alien areas. Maria works as a inferior aerial academy principal. Doug and Maria are financially set for retirement at age 65. Overall, they are in acceptable health. At the age of 60, Doug accustomed a analysis of Parkinson’s Ache (PD). Early phase In the year afore his diagnosis, Doug had three accessory car accidents while he was traveling in alien territory. Maria was apprehensive that the accidents were accompanying to his PD and, afterwards consulting with the neurologist and Doug, they absitively he should no best biking abandoned out of his actual area. Afterwards a few months of traveling with a colleague, he cautiously stepped bottomward to a commune sales adumbrative position to break afterpiece to home. Aural the abutting year, Doug started experiencing affronted (worsened) affection accompanying to accomplished motor coordination, changes in speech, as able-bodied as anger, anxiety, and depression. The neurologist placed Doug on concise affliction at the age of 61. Afterwards six months on concise disability, the law mandates that the abandoned allegation administer for Amusing Security Disability. Therefore, due to Doug’s bloom continuing to abatement and his affliction to acknowledgment to work, Maria had to book for abiding affliction for Doug. At first, Maria attempted to appointment with Doug to complete the affliction paperwork. Doug was calmly balked with formulating the responses to the questions on the forms; he did not apperceive how to acknowledgment the questions nor area to acquisition the advice aural their domiciliary records, so Maria assassin a advocate to complete the paperwork. Three months afterwards appointment the application, Doug was accustomed for Amusing Security Affliction Assets (SSDI). This was a cogent bead in income. Doug’s application assets was alert that of Maria’s; he was bringing home $7500 per month. His SSDI assets is $2788 per month. Since Doug larboard his full-time job, he was no best acceptable for bloom allowances from his employer. He is not acceptable for Medicare beneath the affliction guidelines until two years afterwards payments begin. Maria completed the paperwork to add him to the bloom allowance through her job, which angled her account accession to bloom insurance. The abatement in domiciliary assets adapted them to advance their retirement funds beforehand than planned. In addition, Maria knows, as the ache progresses, she may accept to accomplish decisions about her own full-time appointment as a principal, which will added ache their banking situation. Middle phase Doug and Maria enjoyed arena Scrabble with their accompany Susan and Bob, who lived nearby. The two couples would get calm every Saturday for some affable antagonism forth with ambrosia and active discussion. A year afterwards his diagnosis, Doug was announcement angled aspect and changes in his speech, which fabricated it difficult to accept what he said. These were bright signs the ache was progressing. In some aspects of his life, he appeared to action able-bodied enough, such as calmly assuming best activities of circadian living, but it became bright he struggled with activities in the bold of Scrabble. For example, he was accepting a difficult time creating words from the tiles he chose, area to abode them on the board, and he could no best add up his credibility correctly. In addition, Doug was ashamed because he consistently agape tiles out of abode on the board, struggled to acquaint acutely and collaborate with accompany in a amusing situation. Doug acquainted a abundant accord of abashment due to the changes and told Maria that he no best capital to participate in the account bold night. This meant that Doug and Maria had beneath alternation in their own association and became added socially isolated, which is not aberrant for families with a chronically ill member. Late phase Doug was in allegation of managing his own medications, which he needs four times a day. One day, about four years afterwards his diagnosis, Maria was abroad from home at apex back Doug alleged her to ask what he was declared to do with the apex pills. “I’m declared to bandy them out, right?” That was an aboriginal assurance of dementia. It was a arresting for Maria that Doug could no best ascendancy his own medications and that he apparently shouldn’t be larboard abandoned for actual long. The adventure apparent the alpha of a abrupt abatement in Doug’s cerebral and affecting abilities, and the couple’s accord afflicted from one of ally to one of accommodating and caregiver. Maria relied on their accouchement and alternative ancestors associates to advice with Doug’s care, and she began attractive for abutment groups to advice her amount out how to handle the breakable situation. Alike admitting she had a circling of helpers, best of the appointment of Doug’s affliction was Maria’s responsibility. Doug’s action progressed to the point of defective full-time affliction in a accomplished nursing adeptness a little added than a year later, afterwards he absent the adeptness to angle up, alike with help. He consistently bare two bodies to advice him, and that aloof wasn’t accessible at home. In accession to the amazing affecting accent on the family, affective Doug to a accomplished nursing adeptness added added the banking burden. Maria fabricated the accommodation to advertise the abode and move to a baby accommodation by herself. She had to absorb the gain from their home to pay for Doug’s nursing home affliction afore Medicaid would advice pay for his care, due to the Medicaid accommodation spend-down requirements. Doug anesthetized abroad bristles months afterwards affective to the accomplished nursing facility. Maria was still advantageous for his affliction out of the gain from the auction of their home, so she never accustomed Medicaid abetment for Doug’s care. Address the afterward aural the adapted Parkinson’s Ache Case Abstraction template: Briefly ascertain Parkinson’s Disease. What concrete changes action accompanying to the access of the disease? What are the accessible cerebral changes with PD? What system(s) are affected? What are the treatments and therapies? The case abstraction aggregate capacity that announce Doug is no best able to analyze and boldness problems. Identify two examples in the abstraction that announce Doug is accident this ability. Provide two alternative examples that may appear as the ache progresses that are accompanying to anecdotic and absolute problems. Discuss accessible animosity and stressors Doug may be experiencing as the ache progresses and he allegation await on caregivers more. Refer to the adapted account account for the capacity accompanying to this appointment for ideas. Discuss the furnishings of the analysis of PD and its progression can accept on a apron and ancestors (micro-level). Refer to the affiliate and adapted readings apropos caregiving and caregiver accountability (e.g., employment, cerebral effects, banking stressors, role in the marriage, etc.). Locate two casework in your own association that action abetment to bodies with PD and their caregivers (meso-level). Describe the casework available, cost, and accommodation requirements. In your opinion, are Doug and Maria acceptable for the services? Explain your acknowledgment based on your allegation and the ability of Doug and Maria. At the macro-level, analysis the accompaniment and federal programs, legislation and initiatives that affect abiding illnesses. Discuss the pros and cons of two of the afterward items as they affect patients and caregivers. Legislation and lobbying efforts (e.g., changes to the Affordable Affliction Act [ACA], stem-cell research, etc.) Requirements to authorize for Amusing Security Affliction Assets (SSDI) Requirements to booty advantage of the Ancestors and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Requirements to authorize for Medicaid/Medicare. What are the requirements of these programs in agreement of advantageous for accomplished nursing for Doug? Do Doug and Maria authorize for abetment through these programs? Why or why not? Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A program, legislation, or action of your finding. Use a minimum of three bookish sources. Account references in APA architecture aural the acknowledgment box on the template. The Parkinson’s Ache Case Abstraction assignment Must be completed aural the Parkinson’s Ache Case Abstraction template. Must be at atomic bristles double-spaced pages in breadth and formatted according to APA appearance as categorical in the Ashford Writing Center (Links to an alien site.)’s APA Style (Links to an alien site.) Must advance bookish voice. See the Bookish Voice (Links to an alien site.)resource for added guidance. Must use at atomic three bookish sources in accession to the advance textbook. The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Alternative Credible Sources (Links to an alien site.) table offers added advice on adapted antecedent types. If you accept questions about whether a specific antecedent is adapted for this assignment, amuse acquaintance your instructor. Your adviser has the final say about the account of a specific antecedent for a accurate assignment. Must certificate any advice acclimated from sources in APA appearance as categorical in the Ashford Writing Center’s Citing Aural Your Paper

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