paragraph for each question

make the case for application an Enterprise Accident Administration (ERM) action access to managing accident in a bloom affliction alignment and why adopting a culture-focused ERM action is capital to accident administration in bloom affliction organizations. Consider all of the afterward in your argument: What is ERM? How does ERM abate risk? What are the apparatus of a acceptable ERM process? Who is amenable for the ERM process? Why do bloom affliction organizations account from an ERM process? The use of 3 bookish sources (e.g., textbook, commodity from the CEC Library) is required. select 1 of the accepted causes of adverse contest in the U.S. bloom affliction arrangement from this week’s account from the Institute of Medicine Report, To Err is Human. Complete the following: Discuss how an adverse accident impacts a bloom affliction organization. Describe at atomic 2 accident administration approaches to anticipate adverse contest in a bloom affliction setting. Include all of the afterward back because approaches to preventing adverse events: What advertisement systems should be in place? Was the basis account identified? Was there any acknowledgment provided? What acknowledgment loops were acclimated to anticipate approaching adverse events?

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