Research Paper Make abiding to accommodate the following: Title Page Abstract Introduction Methods Results Discussion References Things to Remember:  The cardboard charge be accounting in APA style.  If you do not address in APA appearance I will not apprehend the cardboard and you will accept an F. You charge use Peer Reviewed Account Articles.  Popular publications such as Magazines and/or Newspapers do not calculation arise the minimum 4 account articles.  DO NOT USE QUOTATION MARKS.  You charge address your own cardboard and not aloof archetype addition else’s work. Keep your Account articles.  If I accept questions about your cardboard I may ask to see them.  I accept uploaded guides and sample affidavit beneath the modules area of Canvas. Do not aloof archetype and accomplished my phrases beneath into your final paper, because I accept not adapt everything. Accomplish abiding to be as abundant as possible, abnormally for your Methods section.  Topic 2: Analytical the accord amid gender and acceptability of appliance a dating application. The abstraction was analytical the accord amid an individuals gender and whether they begin dating applications to be socially acceptable. We predicted that an individuals gender would accept an access on whether they begin it to be adequate or not The antecedent should arise at the end of your introduction For the abstracts you analyzed and beatific to yourself, accomplish abiding that is included in the Participants area of your assay paper. Accomplish abiding to accommodate the cardinal of participants YOU aggregate abstracts for, their boilerplate age and accepted aberration and gender accomplish up. Also accomplish abiding to accommodate how abounding individuals said if they acclimated a dating appliance or not. An assay looked at the accord amid gender and acceptability of appliance a dating application. Results were not significant, with no accord begin [χ2(1,n=209)=3.037,p>.05]. Specifically men and women showed no distinction in their acceptance of appliance dating applications. PreviousNext ONLY USE DATA SET TWO FOR THE FILE BELOW

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