Paper on President George Washington

a 4/5 folio cardboard (size 12 type, bifold spaced), either on one of the aboriginal fifteen U. S. Presidents, or one  of the aboriginal ladies during the aforementioned time period. A archetypal cardboard on one of the presidents  would accommodate a abrupt biography, political and/or abstract beliefs, accomplishments  in office, and a allegory to a avant-garde president. A archetypal cardboard on one of  the aboriginal ladies would accommodate a abrupt biography, how and what she contributed  (presumably positively, but possibly negatively) to her husband’s presidency, and a  comparison to a avant-garde aboriginal lady. All papers, which should accept proper  references and footnotes, will be graded on analysis ability, actual content, writing  skills, and backbone of argument. You should use at atomic THREE bookish sources (and no, your arbiter does not count, nor would chic notes, no amount how ablaze you  think your assistant is, nor does Wikipedia count, admitting that antecedent may accommodate you  with clues as to area to look). Bookish sources would be things such as academic  books, or cogent articles. If you would like to do a cardboard on addition topic, please  speak with the adviser apropos your proposal. You MUST address according to the  Chicago Manual of Style, with the use of FOOTNOTES. If you charge grammatical help,  don’t alternate to ask for abetment from the adapted personnel

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