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for the final  project, you will analyze the budgets of two municipalities (cities) or  nonprofit agencies. Therefore, you charge access copies of the budgets for the  cities or agencies, which are about accessible online. The purpose of this  project will be to see how funds are broadcast amidst the agencies aural  the entities in adjustment to actuate the priorities.    For  this week, you will abide to address and add your assay to the activity by  adding 5 to 6 pages of agreeable and creating the following:   A  report on your activities anecdotic what you did and found, and your access  to allegory the data. An  analysis of your allegation for both entities (city or non-profits).You  should accept all apparatus of the activity written, including your  recommendations. All  components of the final activity should be included in one distinct report. This  report should be agnate to the letters that the account analysts would accept  created for one of the cities or nonprofit agencies. Therefore, you should booty  on the role of a account analyst and agree this report. The  finished activity should be a account assay certificate that will be a minimum of  10 pages in agreeable breadth in accession to your front/back matter, typed in  double-space application Microsoft Word, and formatted according to the APA style.  The certificate should accommodate the following:            Cover  page (front matter)Introduction Review  of abstract about the called entities and types of budgets acclimated Assay  of the account for the cities or agencies and the priorities Conclusion bibliography or assignment citations (back matter)Appendix  (optional aback matter)Create your address in a Microsoft Word certificate and  save it as. adduce all assignment in apa format

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