Paper Comparing advice on stress in the workplace

   Write a 5-7-page APA-formatted cardboard comparing admonition on accent in the workplace, or letters of allegation accompanying to accent in the abode that arise in a accepted source, with accurate analysis on the aforementioned topic. If application a analysis article, it should be a peer-reviewed account commodity in a accurate journal. You may additionally do the How-to adviser option, authoritative abiding to adduce all credibility listed in your guide. These can be begin on PsychInfo or Google Scholar. Evidence of your compassionate of the concepts you discuss, and the affection and capability of your autograph will be reflected in your grade. Revise as abundant as accessible until your cardboard flows smoothly. Your arguments should be bright and able-bodied explained, so that a non-psychologist can calmly follow. POPULAR PRESS VS. RESEARCH PAPER: Provided accordant accomplishments to acquaint and explain the affair of interest Clearly articular botheration to be advised (purpose of the paper) Summarized three accepted columnist accessories that accord admonition on accent or abbreviated a stress-related award and compared this admonition or address of allegation with analysis on the aforementioned topic HOW-TO GUIDE: Provided abundant advice on a accordant topic Clearly articular tips accompanying to stress, application clear, and accustomed language Each point was backed up by peer-reviewed accurate allegation from a account commodity and appropriately cited in the adviser and in a advertence area (five sources minimum) General: Wrote in accordance with APA appearance guidelines Ensured paper/guide was bright and concise, flowed well, and was calmly understood Made few/no grammatical errors Clearly cited sources in an APA-style advertence section

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