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PAPER & PRESENTATION FRANCHISE PAPER (Required to canyon the Class) Go to and analysis franchises you would accede purchasing. After administering your research, accept a authorization and abode a 2-3 folio cardboard answering the afterward about the authorization you selected: 1. Why did you baddest this authorization over others you researched? 2. How abundant does it amount to alpha this authorization and how abundant do you accept to pay on a account base to the franchisor? Be specific. 3. What requirements does the franchisor accomplish the franchisee accept afore purchasing a franchise? 4. What training, announcement or alternative forms of abutment does the franchisor action to the franchisee to help run the business? 5. What are the pros and cons of owning this authorization and franchises in general? You will be graded on the abyss and accuracy of your answers as able-bodied as your grammar and spelling. A maximum of 50 credibility may be becoming for the adamantine archetype adaptation of this assignment. Post your completed cardboard to the link provided on FRANCHISE PAPER PRESENTATION (Required to canyon the Class) Each apprentice will accord an IGNITE ( presentation of your Authorization Paper. You will charge to use PowerPoint to actualize and present a IGNITE appearance presentation. It will be timed and adviser critiqued. It will be graded for polish, clarity, content, and demonstrated preparation application the afterward explanation below. There is a best of 50 credibility for this assignment. Polish: (10 Possible) Posture, no “ums”, breeze of speech, crisp, activity level Clarity: (10 Possible) Articulation, volume, bright message, no bunny trails Content: (20 possible) Did you abode all 5 questions from paper? (4 credibility each) 1. Why did you baddest this franchise? What is it? 2. How abundant does it amount to start? Monthly? 3. Requirements afore purchasing? 4. What forms of abutment are provided? 5. What are the pros and cons? Demonstrated presentation: (10 possible) Little advertence to notes, clear, rehearsed, confident

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