Here's the alternative one...Seacliff Heights Goes VirtualIn this assignment, you will actualize a server virtualization accepting plan that explains the allowances of adopting server virtualization technology. This appointment expands aloft the assignment completed in M3 Appointment 2 LASA 1.Scenario:Reread the book from M3 Appointment 2 LASA 1. Once you accept reread the scenario, abide account below.The burghal administrator of Seacliff Heights is afflicted with your presentation on server and desktop virtualization solutions and agrees that it is a acute technology. The administrator would like you to actualize a server and desktop virtualization accepting plan that can be acclimated to accretion accepting and actualize action for the project. The administrator warns you that you will accept a cardinal of hurdles to overcome:Though accomplishing of concrete server and desktop computer virtualization will aftereffect in cogent amount accumulation over time, it may additionally crave a ample upfront advance to acquirement the virtualization software, maintenance, training, and consulting support.Although they are about "pro-technology," the burghal board associates in Seacliff Heights do not acquire abstruse backgrounds. Thus, concepts such as virtualization are not readily understood.The citizens of Seacliff Heights are abundant attuned to the expenditures of the burghal and appeal budgetary responsibility. Additionally, the bounded bi-weekly has been active appearance highlighting bounded government spending.It is your albatross to actualize an accepting plan that will argue all of the stakeholders in this bearings that server virtualization is a band-aid account implementing.Additionally, to adapt your agents associates for alive in a virtualized environment, you will actualize a abstruse certificate anecdotic the accession of VMware Player and a sample basic apparatus that they can again boggle with.Tasks:Part I: Server Virtualization Accepting PlanUsing Microsoft Word, advance an 8- to 10-page plan for server and desktop virtualization accepting applicative to the scenario. Your plan should:Explain the axiological concepts of server and desktop virtualization. This account of server and desktop virtualization should be accounting application a accent calmly accepted by a nontechnical audience.Identify three allowances of implementing server virtualization at the burghal of Seacliff Heights. Elaborate on how accurately the burghal will account by implementing server virtualization.Identify three allowances of implementing desktop virtualization at the burghal of Seacliff Heights. Elaborate on how accurately the burghal will account by implementing desktop virtualization.Describe two abeyant barriers to the burghal of Seacliff Heights' accepting of server and desktop virtualization. Include responses to affected these barriers, acknowledging them with analysis abstracts area possible.Offer two account on how to accretion the abutment of stakeholders in Seacliff Heights, such as the burghal manager, burghal council, citizens, and bi-weekly reporters.Part II: Abstruse DocumentUsing Microsoft Word, actualize a 5- to 10-page abstruse certificate describing:The accession of the accepted adaptation of VMware Player and the consecutive accession of the accepted adaptation of Windows Server into a basic machine.What anniversary screenshot is assuming during the accession process, application the screenshots provided in the VMware Player and VM Accession Screenshots. The screenshots are presented application the adjustment in which you would see them during installation.Note: Use at atomic three sources (scholarly and nonacademic) to complete your research. Your autograph should be clear, concise, and organized; authenticate ethical scholarship in authentic representation and allegation of sources (i.e., APA); and affectation authentic spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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