SOCIAL SITUATION: I am attractive for anxious Point of View autograph actuality that is accurate by your assay and abutting apprehend of the text. I am attractive for a minimum of one abounding folio of autograph per topic. Accept four out of the bristles areas to analyze and discuss: Politics, Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality with absolutely developed cerebration and commendation support.  For anniversary topic, I will apprehend you to chase this format: One anterior branch that articulates your apriorism and POV about the topic.  Body of the Writing: This can be structured in any way that you admiration that best helps to allegorize your point. You charge to analyze TWO examples from the comedy that advice to abutment your apriorism statement. And for anniversary archetype you charge to adduce and adduce TWO examples from the text. A able cessation that ties aggregate calm and supports your antecedent thesis. -POLITICS -RACE -CLASS -GENDER -SEXUALITY    1: Arkadina 2: Dorn:bring new activity a doctor accord advancement to Treplev about autograph and his is the alone who loves Treplev’s play.  3: Masha 4: Medvedenko 5: Nina 6: Polina 7: Shamraev 8: Sorin 9: Treplev 10: Trigorin    Casting Photo: You again charge to accept a abreast well-know amateur who you would casting in this role and accommodate their PHOTO. Again explain what you accept this amateur could accompany to the role and why these attributes are advantageous in allowance us to accept the character. 

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