For the book article for The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down amuse aces 1 catechism from Accumulation 1 and one catechism from Accumulation 2 to answer. Provide at atomic 2-3 folio answers for each. Be abiding to adduce the book and advance abstracts in anniversary answer. Amuse use 1 inch margins, 12pt Times New Roman, Double-spaced. Group 1 1. The alone American who absolutely won the Lees' assurance was Jeanine Hilt, their amusing worker. Why did Jeanine accomplish area so abounding others had failed? 2. Neil Ernst says, "I acquainted it was important for these Hmongs to accept that there were assertive elements of anesthetic that we accepted bigger than they did and that there were assertive rules they had to chase with their kids' lives." Why didn't this bulletin get through to the Lees? If you were Neil, would you feel this way too? Is this an ethnocentric attitude? Why or why not? 3. In Chapter Eight, afterwards describing Foua's adequacy as a mother and agriculturalist in Laos, Fadiman quotes her as saying, "I absence accepting article that absolutely belongs to me." What has Foua lost? Is there annihilation that still "really belongs" to her? Are there alternative groups we accept discussed that accept acquaintance agnate loss? 4. In her preface, the columnist says that while she was alive on this book, she generally asked herself two questions: "What is a acceptable doctor?" "What is a acceptable parent?" How do you anticipate she ability accept answered her own questions? How would you acknowledgment them? How is anniversary character complete by anniversary group. Which amusing architecture is taken added actively in the United States? Why? 5. What was the "role loss" abounding developed Hmong faced back they came to the United States? What is the basal basis cause? How does this accident affect their acclimation to America? Group 2 1. How do you anticipate the issues aloft by this book should affect your apprenticeship at Purdue and/or your activity as a aborigine today? 2. What appliance does this book accept to your abeyant career (i.e., medicine, health, law, amusing work, politics, religion, communications, education, linguistics)? In the ambience of your approaching career, how do you anticipate you would handle agnate situations, if faced with them? 

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