For this Synthesis Paper, accept that you are accouterment a position statement/proposal for appliance as the abutting Athletic Director at UF (you are applying/interviewing for the job). As the hopeful Athletic Director (head AD), your position statement/proposal will detail the authoritative adeptness you will advance in UF contest (*make abiding to use abutment from the bore agreeable or alfresco resources). To accomplish the case for why the University President should appoint you: 1. Explain why ancestral assortment is a analytical affair that needs to be at the beginning of the mission of UF athletics;  2. Explain the barriers to action administration created by ideologies about race; and  3. Describe what you will do to advance an authoritative adeptness that ethics assortment (specifically how you will actualize an across-the-board environment). The afterward articulation is an archetype of a job description for the position. You can additionally run a Google chase on your own if you aren't abiding what the Athletic Director job entails. ( Articulation for an archetype of a job description for the position) The Bore Synthesis Cardboard appointment is a analytical appraisal and appliance of the bore readings, in-class discussions, and media presentations. The Bore Synthesis Cardboard is a acknowledgment (or responses) to a alert (or prompts) on the bore affair or a specific affair presented in the module. The appointment brand is based on the student’s adeptness to a) analyze analytical elements of the bore that are accordant to the prompt, b) advantage facts and abstracts (information) from the bore to abutment the response, c) amalgamate elements of the bore readings, in-class discussions, and media presentations to finer acknowledge to the prompt(s), and d) finer acquaint the response.  All Synthesis Affidavit are to be submitted through Canvas. You charge acknowledgment all prompts in anniversary question. You can adapt your cardboard by anecdotic the catechism prompts if you choose. Writing affairs - all affidavit charge be accounting with able grammar and punctuation, actual spelling, and coherently organized sentences and paragraphs. Affidavit should be double-spaced. Citing your assets is required. All citations should chase APA formatting. You don't charge to accommodate a references account for advance readings, but if you draw advice from an alfresco reading, article, or video, (such as from your accumulation altercation board), that should arise in a references account at the end of your document. 

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