Paper #1 Topics and Starter Resources

  Issue Cardboard #1 Topics (Microsoft Word Document) Issue Cardboard #1 There will be two affair affidavit for this course.  Anniversary will be 5-7 pages in breadth and carefully chase APA 6th Edition format.  The aboriginal cardboard will be due by the end of Week 3 and the additional by the end of Week 6.  For anniversary paper, you will accept from the account of capacity below, or you may adduce an another affair by email or bulletin that requires adviser approval. Each cardboard charge advertence a minimum of three bookish articles.  (For a analogue and instructions on analysis bookish articles, see the UMUC library website  Three is a minimum; therefore, three is minimally affair the accepted (C – grade).  Added than three is appropriate for best acclaim in the assets class of the allocation rubric.   Alternative sources should be evaluated for their believability (just because it is on the web does not beggarly it is an authentic trusted source). I accept accustomed you a alpha with at atomic one bookish commodity listed for anniversary topic. The affair charge additionally be affiliated to acquaintance in at atomic one analytical adventure as allotment of the discussion.  Previous incidents will be discussed in the bookish articles; added advice can be developed anon from AAR reports.  See the account of AARs that I accept developed and amuse let me apperceive of any others that can be added to the list. The cardboard should additionally advertence any accordant government policy. For anniversary affair I accept accustomed you a alpha with links to bookish accessories and one or added alternative important resources.  This is a start, if you address the cardboard from aloof the sources I accommodate it will be acutely lacking.  Not all assets are anon accessible from the link.  You may accept to attending it up in the UMUC library to admission the article.  I accept not formatted these as APA resources; they are artlessly titles and links.  I am giving you a arch alpha here, not active the accomplished chase for you!  You will additionally appetite to carefully appraise the abridgement for alternative accessories that administer to your called topic. Issue Cardboard #1: Topics 1)      Creativity and Improvisation in Acknowledgment Operations Scholarly Articles: Improvisation, Creativity, and the Art of Emergency Management: Planning to improvise: the accent of adroitness and adaptability in crisis acknowledgment (Library): 2)      Pro-Social and Anti-Social Behavior in Analytical Incidents Anticipating Human Behavior in Disasters: Looting and Anti-Social Behavior in Disasters:  3)      Role of Accumulation Media in Analytical Incidents Local accumulation media operations in disasters in the USA (Library): Disaster Response: Principles of Preparation and Coordination (Chapter 10): 4)      Leadership in Analytical Incidents The Collapse of Sensemaking in Organizations: The Mann Gulch Disaster: Speech by Admiral Thad Allen on Leadership in Disaster: 5)      Logistics in Analytical Incidents An emergency acumen administration access for quick acknowledgment to burning abatement appeal in disasters (Library): Emergency abatement logistics: an appraisal of military, non-military and blended acknowledgment models (Library): Issues in managing adversity abatement inventories (Library): 6)      Crowd Behavior in Analytical Incidents Crowd behavior at accumulation gatherings: a abstract review: Contextualising the army in abreast amusing science: 7)      Inter-Agency Communication in Analytical Incidents Interoperability: Stop Blaming the Radio:      Federalism and the Acknowledgment to Analytical Incidents Mega-Disasters and Federalism: Federalism and Its Impact on Emergency Acknowledgment to Disasters and Catastrophes: 9) CBRNE Operations “Al Qaeda Weapons of Accumulation Destruction Threat: Hype or Reality?” Rolf Mowatt-Larssen “Improvised Nuclear Device Acknowledgment and Recovery Communicating in the Immediate Aftermath” “The Four Faces of Nuclear Terrorism” Charles D. Ferguson and William C. Potter 

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