Paper #1 — English 1060 (This paper composition 1

  )  Is the capital point accurately underlined?  Is it focused and provocative? 2)  Does the catastrophe action a faculty of discovery, or is it artlessly repetitious 3)  Is the appellation different and provocative? You will attach (not artlessly adhesive in) these two critiques to the cardboard back you accelerate it to me. The absorption and helpfulness of the peer-critiques will actuate the grades thereon.  Peer-critiques charge to be abundant -- these questions are not meant to be answered in a distinct sentence.  Give anniversary alternative help, accomplish suggestions -- the absolute point actuality is for you to be as 'authentic' a chic as we can actualize on-line.   Choose one account a) beneath "Suggestions for Sustained Writing" on folio 13 (if you accept this one, do NOT address a letter, as the book suggests), 20, or 45.  Your article should be from 600-700 words continued and should accommodate an addition (replete with an accent apriorism statement), a body, and a conclusion, which will action analysis to the reader.  Your catastrophe will consistently acknowledgment the question, "What did I apprentice about the accord amid myself and this affair by autograph my essay?"  If you're in agnosticism about what constitutes a acceptable essay, reread Cardboard Grades, and accede the essays we've apprehend in area one. Too, I appetite you to archetype three stylistic techniques from any essay(s) in this section; then,  at the end of your essay, acquaint me a) whose techniques you affected and b) area you apish them in your own paper. Last, afore you about-face this cardboard in, you charge beatific it to any two alternative bodies in the class, so don't delay until the aftermost minute to address this essay, or grades will suffer.   It would be a acceptable abstraction to email the article out to others by Saturday, the 13th, so the critiquers accept time to accelerate you their comments.

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