Panera food Forecast

Case Abstraction Questions: 1. Complete the costs allocation of Panera Bread Company’s 2007 anticipation banking statements a. Include a blueprint of your banking assumptions. 2. Develop a 5 year Banking Anticipation (both Balance Sheet and Income Statement) 3. Describe three accessible banking forecasting processes. Altercate the allowances and limitations of anniversary three methods. Describe why you chose the access you acclimated in this case study. 4. Provide an appraisal of the earning affection of Panera Bread in Year 5 of the projected banking statements.  5. Determine the bulk of Free Cash Flow Panera has in Year 5 of the projected banking statements. Altercate the accent of Free Cash Flow, and it’s accord to all-embracing accounting earnings. 6. Develop a table of accordant banking ratios for 2007 and Anticipation Year 5; altercate the ratios, their change of the anticipation period, and the all-embracing achievement of Panera Bread in Anticipation Year 5.  7. Given the charge for alien sources of capital, analyze and adverse the advantages and disadvantages of alien equity, a abiding agenda payable, and a concise band of credit.  Case Abstraction Assumptions: 1. A 5-year banking anticipation worksheet has been provided to you on Blackboard. 2. Assume all borrowing are a blazon of debt, no added disinterestedness will be activated to accession capital 3. The allotment repurchase affairs DOES action in 2008; and absorption amount is according to 6% of outstanding debt 4. Sales advance is 25% for the aboriginal two years; again 5% thereafter. 

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