Palmal Group of Industries

Palmal’s Background: Accustomed in the year 1984, Palmal accumulation of industries ensure its quality, standards and is affianced in accomplishment of all kinds of knitted garments. Engr. Nurul Haque Sikder is the architect of company. Now he is present administrator of group. Managing administrator Mr. Nafis Sikder, son of Engr. Nurul Haque Sikder took the administration in the year 2001. He is allegorical the accumulation with his advanced acquaintance and skill. Business Intervention: • Palmal is mainly RMG focused accumulation of industries. Expanding in the areas of affiliate blended and alternative astern bond industries. Palmal’s Vision: Palmal stands abaft its apparel articles with affection assurance. Palmal believes that affection is never an accident. It is consistently the aftereffect of aerial intention, aboveboard effort, able administration and able execution. To accommodate barter with the best absolute sourcing, production, architecture & artefact development service, guaranteeing quality, aggressive appraisement & quick turnaround times with an able able alone service. Palmal’s Mission: Palmal’s mission is to be the bazaar leader, in accouterment accouterment from Bangladesh to its barter about the globe. To be a bazaar baton it is committed to advance aerial quality, adult and deviation-free articles in its accommodation and accomplish on time charge to its customers. Objectives of palmal: Palmal has name cold for the development of the society. The objectives of palmal are giving below: 1. To admission the bread-and-butter development of the country. 2. To actualize application opportunity. 3. To comedy absolute in the action of automated development of Bangladesh. 4. Palmal Assures affection and chump services. Palmal’s Commitment- • Regular accumulation updates to the Importer. • Facilitate & Co-ordinate the Buyer’s visits to Bangladesh. • Handle orders of any volume, appearance & color. • Abbreviate advance times & in time delivery. • Best affection and aboriginal service. • Handle orders of any volume, appearance & blush • Able chump service. • Best account from others. • A cephalalgia & altercation chargeless one stop band-aid to Importers • 100% audience achievement Accumulated Offices of Palmal Groups : | |Due to amplitude constraint, Palmal had to align its accumulated appointment in 4 altered barrio amid in Gulshan-1 area. | |Offices character |Location | |Corporate Head Appointment (MD and C. O. O’s Secretariat) |House # 16, | | |Road # 30, Gulshan-1 | |Admin. Compliance Dept. |House # SWB/20, Alley # 08, Gulshan-1 | |Commercial, Transport, Maintenance, Wal-Mart Sample and |House # 2B, | |Banking |Road # 29, Gulshan-1 | |Mainstream HRM, Branch HR, Sweater Division, Bounded |Crystal : Point, H # 2, R # 21, Gulshan-1 | |Procurement, Accounts, T&OD Dept. Merchandizing(Partly) | | Board of Directors |Name |Position | |Engr. Nurul Haque Sikder |Chairman | |Mr. Nafis Sikder |Managing Administrator & CEO | |Mrs. Meherunnesa Haque |Director | |Mrs. Sylvana Sikder |Director | |Mrs. Tajrina Sikder. |Director | |Mr. A. K. M Sazzadul Karim |Director & C. O. O | |Key bodies | |Name |Designation | |Mr. Nafis Sikder |Honorable Managing Administrator | |Mr. A. K. M Sazzadul Karim |Honorable Administrator & C. O. O | |Mr. Amzad Hossain |Chief adviser to MD | |Mr. Ashith Laxmidas Dayalal |Director (Marketing), Apparel Div, | |Mr. Aseem Sood. |Vice president, (Marketing –GAP Div | |Mr. Tahmid Zaman Khan |Director (Marketing), Sweater and AWL | |Mr. Aseem Sood. |Vice president, (Marketing-GAP Div) | |Major Sofiul Azam Chowdhury (Retd) |Director, (Admin. & Compliance) | |Mr. A. A. M. Munir |Director(P. P & Q. A Coord) | |Key Bodies | |Name Designation | |Mr. Emdad Hossain |Director (Production) & In-charge, ACML | |Mr. Shakil Rahman |Director (Marketing) | |Mr. Ruhul Amin Siddiqui |General Manager (Commercial) | |Mr. S. A. Nakib |General Manager, HRM | |Mr. Shair Nasser Azad |General Manager (Administration) | |Mr. Kazi A. Muhit |General Manager (Accounts) | |Shelkh Obaidur Rahman |GM-Quality, CSI | |S. M. Sanowar Hossain. |GM-PP & Cord, W*M | |Md. Hossain Ahmed |GM-Quality | Sister Concerns | |Type of Business |No of Concerns | |Garments Factories |20 | |Sweater Factories |02 | |Knit Blended Mills |02 | |Washing Plant |02 | |Embroidery |01 | |Central Store |05 | |Sample Section |05 | |Cutleries Industry |01 | |Total |38 | Accumulated action of Palmal: To advance a absolute action for palmal, it integrates the finance, marketing, animal resource, accounting, quality, and operations functions. According to the accumulated strategy, it carries out all the organization’s functions. Under the accumulated strategy, it determines for which barter or audience it will aftermath product, which new artefact it will aftermath in future, which new action it will booty for all-embracing bazaar to survive. Operations strategy: To do its circadian activities palmal takes operations strategy. These action advice palmal to accomplish the company’s accumulated strategy. By application these strategies, it takes decisions about back the articles produce, breadth it produces the products, how abounding workers it needs, what are the training requirements of the worker, what is the appetite akin of affection for the products, how should suppliers be selected, what is accepted from the suppliers, what types of technology it should be acclimated to advance its artefact etc? Palmal’s product: This aggregation produces affiliate apparel artefact especially. The capital articles of palmal are: Man’s T-shirt | | Sport abrasion | | Continued sleeves polo shirt | | Man’s sweater | | Women’s sweater | | Man’s anorak | | Women’s anorak | | Accumulated compatible | | Baby continued sleeve T-shirt | | Baby accouterment | Technology acclimated in Plamal: Palmal accumulation uses adaptation types of technology to run their circadian activities such as – 1. Blast 2. Fax 3. Entrance ascendancy system: This is the arrangement that controls agent admission and leave agent uses their admission agenda to admission office. A axial computer almanac agent they use the agenda and computer saves their abrogation time. 4. E-mail: Palmal broadly use e-mail. To acquaint with its barter and suppliers. They adjustment raw actual through e-mail. They additionally accept adjustment by mail. The advisers of Palmal use e-mail to acquaint amid themselves. This blazon of advice helps interdepartmental communication. Palmal is not application ERP because administration thinks that ERP will acknowledge arcane abstracts to employers. However, at present its administration aggregation accept accolade about the accent of ERP. They are planning to apparatus ERP in their alignment actual soon, as they are adverse abounding types of botheration not for application ERP. Accomplishment strategy: To aftermath articles palmal applies Make-to-order strategy. After demography the adjustment from the buyers again it produces the product. Therefore, account is kept at a minimum level. Strategic eyes Accomplishment process: Palmal follows accumulation action to aftermath the product. It collects altered able appurtenances from its suppliers. After accession assorted able appurtenances again it produces a able product. To aftermath a shirt as a able artefact it collects buttons, nylon fabrics, and such kinds of altered able goods. Altered Stitch Cardinal and their applications: Stitch Class |Application | |100 Stitch Class |Basting Button bed-making BTN able atom demography | |Chain Stitch |hamming, belt loops bushing | |Blind Stitch | | |200 Stitch Class | | |Back Stitch |To attach laise and adaptable | |Catch Stitch | | |Running Stitch | | |300 Stitch Class |To lock genitalia of bodies basal rolling | |Lock Stitch | | |400 Stitch Class |To attach capital bond abiding edges | |Chain Stitch | | |500 Stitch Class | | |Over lock C/S |Surging dark hemming | | |Seaming Surging | | |Break attainable Surging | Bond process: All the aloft stitch acclimated to accomplish any garments. But what stitch will chase in which action will be notified by the buyer. By afterward that instruction, Palmal can alone stitch the garments. Stitch additionally depends on the action of stitching. For abounding bolt or analytical process, the stitch will be altered and for the attenuate bolt and attainable style, stitch will not be same. Affection Assurance: Palmal accumulation is awful committed to aftermath and accumulation awful affection artefact to its customers. To aftermath aerial affection apparel articles they aggregate aerial abundance raw actual from their suppliers. Palmal groups accept affection affirmation administration that is amenable to ascendancy and assay the affection of raw articles from their suppliers. As barter of Palmal accumulation requires aerial affection products, they accent on aerial affection product. Their accumulation ascendancy administration ensures accumulation is absolutely as accustomed affection standards. Three or added inspections are agitated out during the accumulation process. Initial inspection, checks on fabric, wlor cilia and aboriginal run of production. Second assay and final assay assay on articles and ensure able accumulation is up to affection standard. Palmal accumulation accept affection articles are the key to echo business. Turnover of Palmal In 2007: Approximately US$ 100 Millions agnate to Tk. >700 Cores from Export. In 2008: Approximately US$ 110 Millions from Export. In 2009: Projected Turnover is US$120 Millions from Consign [pic] Embroidery CAPACITY: ? 6 accoutrement with altered blush at the aforementioned time. ? 20 curve in anniversary apparatus ? 650 Stitches per minute. ? Aforementioned apparatus cannot be acclimated for diff. jobs at the aforementioned time Why Palmal is the adjustment winner? Palmal’s Knowledge and charge has fabricated it a multi artefact aggregation with audience all over the world. It works adamantine to abode the expectations of its chump in an avant-garde way. It tries to advance continued advertisement affiliation with its audience and ensures confined best to them based on afterward parameters: • High Artefact ability  Sourcing of articles from reliable manufacturers at aggressive prices  • Good affection & on time charge • Believes in amount able abundance • Enjoys a acceptability for "clean business practices" • Strong arrangement of manufacturers and vendors • Regular Supervision of articles appropriate from the accumulation to the addition date . Acclimation arrangement of Palmal: At this time, Palmal does not action on-line ordering. Before acclimation the artefact audience should acquaint with the aggregation through fax, telephone, letter or e-mail. Audience should book out the adjustment form, ample it out absolutely and accelerate with a check, money order, or acclaim agenda advice to the abode at the offices. They should additionally accelerate the sample of the artefact to the company. If aggregate is favorable for the aggregation again Palmal booty the action from the clients. PALMAL’S CLIENT LIST: It is palmal’s appetite to has a crabbed anticipation action which will advice in designing different and avant-garde ambit of apparels. All its endeavors are able-bodied accepted by its clients, which has motivated it to go above the expectations of its clients. As an able house, it has audience beyond the globe. The chump achievement it is acquired has led to a able believability for UK & Europe in market. It is accustomed its consign bazaar in Germany, Italy, France, Bangkok, Mexico, UK, Europe. List of above audience or buyers: | Gap Inc. | WaL*Mart USA | | WaL*Mart Canada | | Charming Shoppes | | New Wave | | GEORGE | | Primark | | Zara | | Nygard | | K. Mart | | SEARS | | TESCO | | TARGET-Stores | | Li & Fung | Suppliers of Palmal: Supplier’s alternative belief of Palmal: To baddest suppliers Palmal follows some rules. Such as- • Quality-to acquirement raw abstracts from suppliers at aboriginal it thinks the affection of the product. Because the approaching of apparel factories heavily depends on quality. • Cost- it thinks about the amount of the raw abstracts which it will acquirement • Delivery-on time charge is a above to baddest a supplier • Banking soundness-before purchasing it considers the banking acumen of the suppliers. Kinds of raw materials: Account ascendancy arrangement of Palmal: Palmal controls account to accommodated its approaching barter demand. It controls the account based on quantity. This arrangement is advised to ensure that an account will be attainable on an advancing base throughout the year. Types of account Palmal maintain: Palmal banal some important appurtenances for its approaching safety. Like- |Nylon fabrics | |Cotton fabrics | |Different kinds of buttons | |Plain Apparatus | |Button Attach apparatus | |Chain stitch apparatus | Palmal’s layout: The factories beneath the palmal accumulation of industries are advised in such a way so that they can do their assignment properly. In factories agnate machines are aggregate calm to do work. For example, to sew all bed-making machines are aggregate calm in one area. Acid sections are afar from alternative sections to do its acid work. Assay sectors are alone from others for blockage fabrics. Baddest a breadth for a new branch of Palmal: To authorize a new branch Palmal basically thinks about- • Barter Zone • Transportation ability • Activity amount • Consign – Import ability • Ability food • Rent • Political ambiance • Near to the adversary SWOT assay of Palmal: Palmal accumulation of industries has accomplished abounding success over a abbreviate time of period. However, the all-around bazaar ambiance for bolt and accouterment industries is in capricious date and will change at the end of the phasing out quota. This change in all-around barter will actualize new challenges for the company. Therefore, aerial productivity, chargeless admission in astern accumulation line, beneath lead-time determines the company’s competitiveness. The afterward assay of strength, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) concisely sum up the cessation of the competitiveness of palmal accumulation of industries. Strength- • Low activity cost. • Energy at low price. Easily attainable basement like sea road, railroad, river and air communication. • Able Tele-communications arrangement of E-mail, Internet, Fax, ISD, NWD & Cellular services. • Scope for career development. • Country arch Pay Master in RMG Sector. • Bodies developer. • Having absolutely COMPLINT Factories. • Consider bodies as “Resources”. • Abstain discriminations to the best accessible extent. • Exercising fair practices in Employment. • Value acceptable workers and abstain troublemakers. • Assure abode safety. • Branch is amid in automated breadth breadth aggregation can adore ceaseless ability supply. Activity abutment is not all owed in the KDS groups back all activity accompanying affairs are dealt by KDS automated area. Factory is able to accredit of their chump in the specific bazaar according to their demand. Weakness – • Lack of business tactics. • A baby cardinal of accomplishment methods. • Time-consuming custom clearance. • Subject to accustomed calamities. • Best of the raw abstracts from abroad, this is account of aerial price, which are afflicted the accumulation cost. Opportunity- Cheap and abounding activity force. Availability of adopted client in Steel Products. Palmal has a adventitious to actualize his own bazaar by assuming the affection of the articles and alive action of the factory. To authorize a new branch after continued appellation acceding which is additionally based on the addition client or chump by assuming the new technology which is now at present Threat- Political bearings of beneath developed country like Bangladesh is a above blackmail for Palmal. Technology is developing day by day. Therefore, technology is additionally alteration rapidly. There is hardly any bounded antecedent of raw abstracts Palmal, back astern bond industries accept not been developed in our country. Therefore, it is a blackmail for Palmal. Awards: For consistence and acceptable artefact and account provided to their customers, “Palmal Groups” won several civic and all-embracing awards. “National Award”: For their addition to the civic abridgement and for acknowledged operational activities “Palmal Groups” accomplished Admiral best Performance Accolade in two after years. All-embracing Award: Palmal is consistently committed to accommodate their barter with aerial affection artefact and service. In return, of their affection maintenances they accept got several awards from all-embracing buyers. The awards are— Best supplier accolade from “Wal-Mart” in 2004, 2006 and 2007 Recommendations & Conclusion: . The aggregation does not administer Operation Research models as able-bodied as tools. Initiative accomplish should be taken to administer Operation Research models as able-bodied as accoutrement as aboriginal as accessible to authorize efficiency, productivity, aggressive advantages etc. in the company. Palmal should use avant-garde technology and software to advance its abundance and to admission its profit. However, Palmal has able authoritative abutment for which over a aeon of aftermost seven years the company’s business advance is added than 300%. ----------------------- Chump Palmal Association Bazaar Accumulated Action Business functions Banking functions Operation functions Accounting functions Animal ability functions Purchasing functions Affection affirmation functions Artefact development functions Chump needs New articles Current articles Aggressive ambit Best Affection Customization Low amount Timely charge Company’s capabilities: Aftermath the appropriate articles New artefact development Sales the appropriate products

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