Pain Management- Case Study: Write at least a one-sentence rationale.

Pain Management- Case Study: Write at atomic a one-sentence rationale.

Ellen Watson is a 65-year-old white woman who aloof had a colon resection for a annihilative tumor. The surgeon ordered a morphine PCA pump to ascendancy the pain. Mrs. Watson has astringent arthritis in her easily and lower back. She is on a circadian NSAID to ascendancy the affliction accompanying to the arthritis. Her babe Marie is blockage with her during the analysis because Mrs. Watson is a widow. Mrs. Watson has not had anaplasty before, so she is not abiding what to expect. She is agitated about the analysis of cancer. Lana Bridges is a apprentice assistant assigned to affliction for Mrs. Watson. She is in her aftermost analytic circling and will be administering all medications with her instructor’s supervision.

  1. Lana goes in to accommodated Mrs. Watson, and Mrs. Watson is captivation her belly and is restless. She is pale. Lana asks Mrs. Watson to amount her affliction on a calibration of 1 to 10 with 10 actuality the affliction affliction you could have. Mrs. Watson tells Lana that it is a 9. Lana checks the PCA pump and notices that Mrs. Watson has not been blame the button for medication delivery. What should Lana do to allay the pain?

Answer (10 points):

Rationale (10 points):

2.  Mrs. Watson tells Lana that she is abashed about accepting absorbed to the morphine because she has heard that it can happen. How should Lana respond?

A. “Don’t worry. The blight prevents you from acceptable addicted.”

B. “It is okay. Because you accept astringent pain, the medication is necessary. There is little adventitious of addiction.”                

C. “That is a accurate worry. I wouldn’t appetite to become addicted.”                

D. “My accessory was absorbed to affliction killers back he had cancer.”

Answer (10 points):         

Rationale (10 points):

3. Lana is developing Mrs. Watson’s affliction plan. She wants to add added interventions and not aloof bear affliction medication. What are some alternative nursing accomplishments that would be accessible to Mrs. Watson? (Select all that apply.)

A. Relaxation techniques

B. Distractions such as music                

C. Cold or calefaction applications                

D. Massage

Answer (2 credibility each):

Rationale (10 points):

4. Lana is assigned to Mrs. Watson 2 canicule later. While she is in the room, Mrs. Watson tells Lana that she is abashed of the blight because there is consistently so abundant affliction associated with it. She asks Lana how to they amusement blight pain. How should Lana acknowledge to this question?

Answer (10 points):

Rationale (10 points):

5. Visit the American Affliction Society website (, admission the assets folio (, and address three facts new to them about affliction administration or resources.

Fact One (3 points)

Fact Two (3 Points)

Fact Three (3 points)

6. How can ability acquired from the new facts about affliction administration advance nursing practice (14 points)?

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