Pain Equals Success Narrative Essay

Pain Equals Success Emily Flores Ms. Hellerman English Comp. 101 February 11, 2013 Affliction Equals Success Too abundant affliction is never abundant pain. Without pain, you absolutely cannot feel and adore absolute success. Jade Kat, a able affecting adolescent woman, consistently strived for success. She knew with success it will actualize obstacles and tests to ensure one is absolutely accessible for their dream. What she didn’t apperceive was that those struggles were about to hit her fast. It all started aback Jade accomplished her internship with a acclaimed acknowledged retail aggregation in Japan alleged JuJuPop, Inc. She was anon assassin to assignment as a appearance designer. This was alone allotment of her dream; her absolute dream was to be C. E. O. As bodies would say, “do not get too acclimated to things” or “it feels too acceptable to be true” these phrases were about to accomplish abundant added faculty to Jade as assertive situations were about to occur. One of her coworkers, a nice cool clean-cut fellow, bent her eye at aboriginal sight. They anon started talking and had agnate hobbies, which angry into dates that angry into a abeyant relationship. This guy seemed so admirable to her until she started acumen some aberrant activities activity on with her acclaim agenda account. This prince absorbing was absolutely application her hard-earned banknote to splurge on himself abaft her back. She was aching at aboriginal and did not anticipate this would appear to her. She anon confronted him; he accustomed it and they concluded their relationship. After a few months of accepting aback on her feet, Jade Kat was all about appetite appear success. She was still alive for the aggregation for about 5 years. Her designs were actuality accustomed by top fashionistas. Jade was so abutting to her dream, she could aftertaste it. During one of the companies appearance shows, Kobe King, one of the top of the band cape designers, was blockage out Jade’s bells band and admired it. The two met for banquet at one of the finest restaurants in Japan. They went over a few of her designs and he was actual impressed. He offered Jade a position in his aggregation and she accepted. The two started alive calm appropriate abroad on a bells bounce line. With Kobe and Jade’s launch, the two fabricated millions off their band together. The success of their barrage has fabricated their band the top 5 to accept from in Japan. After 2 years of actuality abundant colleagues, the two absitively to host a huge affair agreeable abounding acclaimed designers and celebrities to bless their success together. During the party, Kobe had told Jade, “Come with me to my office, we charge to allocution business. ” Little did she know, Kobe consistently had abundant absorption in her. “Come, sit down,” he alleged while he fetched her a drink. While she was active attractive over designs, Kobe had bound the aperture in his soundproof office. After a little baby talk, his intoxicated-self fabricated his way over her and handed her the drink. She anon smelled and noticed bolus pieces in her alcohol and affected to alcohol it. Kobe by then, was already all over her, afflictive her and alike approved to corruption her. She managed to beating him down, alleviate the aperture and get help. He after was arrested, placed in bastille and out of Jade’s activity for good. A bearings as adamantine as that is article actual adverse to go through. Jade had to get cerebral advice to get aback to the acknowledged woman she was aggravating adamantine to be. She had to absolve the ones who angered her, attacked her, belittled her, and took her for accepted but afore she did that, she had to absolve herself for acceptance them to aching her. (live, laugh, dream, 2013) Once Jade was able-bodied abundant to leave the rehabilitation, she busy an accommodation and her old job gave her advantage and time to accumulate to herself until she acquainted absolutely accessible to appear aback to work. In the abutting 3 months, Jade absolutely recovered and was aback creating designs no one has anytime anticipation to create. This accretion won so abounding people’s hearts and affair for her, it brought all the success she wanted. Her affliction and her absoluteness was what gave her success. Jade Kat become a able absolute woman. She created her own retail band alleged “On The Prowl, Inc. ” and is active the activity of a acknowledged entrepreneur. Human advance is neither automated nor inevitable... Every footfall against the ambition of amends requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the active exertions and amorous affair of committed individuals. MLK, 2013) Despite the struggles she had to endure, success was all she anytime capital and accustomed it. With all her success and good-will, God adored her with accurate adulation and now she lives a blessed activity as a acknowledged mother, wife, and entrepreneur. References live, laugh, dream (2013) Search Quotes. Retrieved from http://www. searchquotes. com/quotes/about/Abusive_Relationship/ Martin Luther King (2001-2013) Struggle Quotes. Retrieved from http://www. brainyquote. com/quotes/keywords/struggle. html Running Head: Affliction Equals Success

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