Name of the aggregation : Padini Holding Berhad 1. Picture 1 – Padini Aperture Padini Holding Berhad appoint with one of the best assisting businesses activities which is advance in arcade capital and retail industry and cast aperture abnormally in apparel and appearance accessories. Padini Holding Berhad already actualize their bazaar allotment in calm and all-embracing akin and some of the cast beneath Padini Group is able-bodied accustomed in appearance industry. Padini Holding Berhad put a characterization of assorted cast in its artefact and broadcast to all aperture beneath its name locally and alike in adopted market. There is abounding cast beneath Padini Group such as Vincci, Seed, Padini Authentics, PDI, Padini, P & Co, Miki Kids, Miki Mom and additionally abounding multi – brands and some of the cast is already aperture the adopted bazaar such as Vincci/VNC, Seed and Padini Authentics. Picture 2 – Padini’s Artefact Padini Group usually blot in accouterment and assembly of administration service, dealers of garments, ladie’s shoes, accouchement garments, maternology wear, accoutrements and appearance accessories. All of this artefact actuality marketed beneath accustomed brand. 2. Brands-Foreign Only| Location| 2008| 2009| Vincci/VNC Franchise StoreDealer Stores| ASEANSaudi ArabiaUAE AustraliaOmanIndiaSyriaThailand| 15184-14-11| 19207-1-112| SEEDFranchise StoreDealer Stores| Saudi ArabiaThailand| 519| 721| Padini AithenticsFranchise Store| Saudi arabia| 5| 8| TOTAL| | 82| 96| Table 1 The tables aloft accommodate a snapshot of the Group’s retail network, burst bottomward according to their brands and bazaar in 2008 and 2009. Chart 1 Chart 1 represents the allotment of assets from two altered bazaar which is the calm bazaar and adopted market. For the banking year 2009, recorded Group’s calm operations accounted for 89% or about RM 425. 4 actor and the blow represent adopted bazaar which is 11% and about RM 52. 5 actor and both bazaar accord up to RM 477. 9 million. Exports for the year by the Group access by some 31% or RM11. 9 actor compared to 2008 and the absolute consign amount for year 2009 is up to RM50. 1 million. The absolute absolute aftereffect is due to able business action such as: 1. The aperture of new aperture 2. Improving absolute aperture 3. Extension of administration 4. Acclimate with consumers culture Picture 3 – internationalization By application the adopted or all-embracing archetypal to represent their product, Padini Group administer to aperture the adopted bazaar and bolt a bazaar allotment amid the adopted nation and 11% of assets from away can be advised as a absolute outcome. 3. One of the capital affidavit why Padini Group is actuality accustomed in the adopted bazaar because of their observations through analysis and development to aftermath articles based on consumers demand. Consumers appeal usually actuality access by their ability and comprise of lifestyle, income, acclimate and geographic somehow. For archetype for calm market, Padini Group aftermath T-Shirt based on bounded accustomed admeasurement whereby not too ample and maybe a bit abate compared to the adopted admeasurement of T-Shirt that aftermath by Padini Group. Due to hot acclimate in Malaysia, the actual additionally a dry-fit actual whereby can blot aqueous and acquiesce air to breeze through the actual and accomplish user feel added comfortable. The faculty of accepting cast additionally influences a being to buy artefact from Padini Group due to awful accustomed branded apparel retailer. By alive that best of the consumers is from average assets class and their acclimate by alms an affordable amount for a branded products. (example; discounts) Picture 4 – Action to and acclimate with bounded bazaar Padini Group additionally done the agnate access to the adopted bazaar by because the size, lifestyle, weather, geographic and four division (summer, winter, autumn, spring) . Best of their adopted aperture is amid in the Arabian nations which is awful accustomed a hot acclimate country and in adjustment to acclimate with the bounded charge and culture, Padini Group did aftermath artefact that accomplish the Arabian consumers feel adequate and stylish.

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