Owning Feelings

The purpose of this cardboard is to explain to you the abilities I accept acclimated in communicating in relationships. I accomplished how I accept been applying abilities like owning feelings, sending bright messages, and anecdotic feelings. Also alternative abilities like advancing from an “adult, child, or parent” places and application absolute behavior instead advancing and acquiescent behaviors. Aback I acquaint mainly with my boyfriend, family, and friends, I see how the abilities in advice in relationships absolutely work. From acquirements how to own my feelings, I accept abstruse to let bodies accomplish me feel something. Aback I acquaint with my boyfriend, I see how abundant we don’t own our feelings. It’s consistently “you accomplish upset”, “you accomplish me sick”, instead of “when you are frequently backward to aces me up, I feel upset, and I would acknowledge it aback you aces me up at the time I ask. ” I would consistently adjudicator his behavior; like aback he is bedlam at the top of his lungs, I would alarm him boorish because I feel to be so loud while I’m on the phone, is rude. When I say those things, I don’t see that he doesn’t apprehend that I acquisition he is actuality boorish because he is not aggravating to be. That is aloof how he is. After attractive aback in the way my admirer and I handle situations, we both appear from altered places communication-wise. I consistently appear from a “parent” place, and he comes from a "child” place. I accomplished this because in my nature, consistently absent to advice people, I tend to acquaint them what to do (I can admit). It works aback I’m the baton of a accumulation in class, but not on my boyfriend. I tend to acquaint him to apple-pie up his blend & what he should do-just actuality on his case. I feel like he won’t do assertive things unless addition is on him. I am this way because he doesn’t own up to his accomplishments sometimes. He brand to accusation me aback article happens to him, like if I say article to his about accomplishing him attractive for a job and his mom over hears and again speaks about it to him, he blames me. Instead of owning the actuality that if he was already accomplishing attractive for a job, no one would bother him. I apprehend I charge to let him accomplish his mistakes and not act like his mother. In this cardboard I accept discussed, how advice abilities such as owning feelings, anecdotic feelings, and sending bright letters affect advice in my relationships. I see that the things I say and my behavior can affect the altitude of my accord with my boyfriend. I tend his mother and he acts like my child.

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