Overview: Your final project for this course will be a patient record analysis

Overview: Your final action for this advance will be a accommodating almanac analysis. You will administer the ability of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology that you accept developed during this advance in a absolute analysis of absolute accommodating advice in the Final Action Accommodating File. Specifically, you will analysis a patient’s history and a acquittal blueprint from a contempo physician visit, answer the affidavit abaft analysis (or diagnoses) based on accurate symptoms, citation any inconsistencies or concerns, and discussing the abeyant and accepted treatments, all in alertness for your approaching coding practices. 

For this milestone, you will analysis the accommodating history book and altercate what it tells you. Discriminating amid signs and symptoms, primary diagnoses, accessory diagnoses, and cogwheel diagnoses, altercate what the allegation are. 

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

I. Patient History Analysis 

  1. a)  Summarize the patient history, answer key accommodating demographics and ancestors history that could be accident factors for accepted diseases. 
  2. b)  Identify the past diagnosis (or diagnoses, if added than one exists in the file) and explain how the analysis was made. Specifically, what tests were done? 
  3. c)  Discuss the symptoms the accommodating showed according to the file. Why and how did these affection advance the doctors to adjustment assertive tests? 
  4. d)  What alternate diagnosis (or diagnoses) could these affection accept indicated? Explain application evidence-based assets to abutment your conclusions. 
  5. e)  Using admiring capacity from peer-reviewed resources, explain the pathophysiology of the diagnosis. In alternative words, how does the diagnosed disease advance and advance in the body? 
  6. f)  Identify the accomplished assigned medications the accommodating is demography and explain the purposes of their larger pharmacological groupings. 
  7. g)  Explain what affection the specific medications are meant to treat, application assets to abutment your claims about the appulse of the medication on the symptoms. 
  8. h)  Illustrate how these medications impact the anatomy and its functions. Use examples to abutment your explanations. Rubric 

Guidelines for Submission: This anniversary should be at atomic 2 pages in breadth and submitted as a Word document. All sources should be in APA format. 

Instructor Feedback: This action uses an chip explanation in Blackboard. Students can appearance adviser acknowledgment in the Grade Center. For added information, review these instructions. 

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