Outsourcing in Value Chain

VALUE CHAIN OF GOAT MILK PRODUCT Amount 1: Amount Alternation of Dupe Milk Amount 1 shows the amount alternation of dupe milk product. In adjustment to be end product, there are several processes complex which are action of accepting raw actual again accomplishment action area the assembly action will booty place. After that, the artefact will be broadcast to the assorted channels. Under material, there are several parties will absorb such as raw actual supplier, transportation/logistic and technology supplier. Then, at the accomplish appearance there will be some processes absorb such as processing, affection control, packaging and labeling. Packaging will be focus because of best of the ambassador will outsource this action to alternative aggregation rather than done by themselves. The acumen of this outsourcing will be because of abridgement of accomplishment and technology for the packaging process. When, the packaging and labeling are done by alternative company, the artefact will be not associated to the aboriginal buyer anymore. In the case of dupe milk, the buyer of the livestock is not been accustomed anymore and after the accomplishment artefact will be broadcast to the user and customer as a artefact of the packaging company. Malay adage alarm this as “Lembu punya susu, Sapi dapat nama” agency the aboriginal buyer of the artefact has not been accustomed and the artefact alone been associated to the packaging and labeling company. Amount 2: INDUSTRY INVOLVE IN THE PROCESS OF PRODUCING FINISH PRODUCT OF GOAT MILK Figure 2 appearance the industries complex in bearing the dupe milk. As can be seen, Agriculture industry is the aboriginal industry complex area the livestock is advancing from this industry. Best of the parties complex in this industry are Malay and Indian. Then, in adjustment to amalgamation the product, it can be accept whether to use, bottle, box container, can and so on. For box and canteen for example, it will use dupe and beach as the raw actual to aftermath box and canteen then, alternative industry will absorb too. Then, the administration action will absorb with logistic company. Therefore, in bearing a canteen or a box of milk, there are abounding parties and industries complex and booty placed. Amount 3 beneath shows the amount alternation of the packaging action and the archetype of abounding blazon of packaging container. The amount shows the amalgamation is advised application the CAD and has been activated and appraise afore alpha the assembly action for the packaging. However, some companies do not use such as technology accessories in accomplishing the packaging. This affectionate of packaging action should be done by the ambassador aggregation and not declared outsource the action because the outsource accommodation accomplish the ambassador absent the boldness and buyer ability appear the product. Amount 3: VALUE CHAIN OF PACKAGING PROCESS Source: www. nec. co. jp ----------------------- MATERIAL MANUFACTURE DISTRIBUTION PRODUCT USE - CUSTOMER/ USER - WHOLESALER - RETAILER - AGENT - PROCESSING - QC - LABELLING - PACKAGING - RAW MATERIAL SUPPLIER - TRANSPORT/ LOGISTIC - TECHNOLOGY SUPPLIER AGRICULTURE LOGISTIC WOOD/SAND PACKAGING OUTSOURCE!!!!

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