Outline of Kite Runner

Kite Runner The purpose of this analysis cardboard : I appetite to highlight the aftereffect of the readers of the atypical about Taliban and to accept addition anticipation about Afghanistan . Also to appearance how Housseini’s succeeded in assuming a new trend of New Orientalism to prove to the west how Muslims are not bad afterwards 9/11 or as they declared Muslims as terrorists . Addition : A abrupt addition about the atypical and the accepted diplomacy of the country . Capital anatomy : ( will accouterment a few capital capacity + giving affirmation from the atypical ) * The affair Discrimination: Afghanistan has abounding indigenous groups, like Hazaras and Pashtuns. How the capital appearance suffers from this, the best acclaimed adventure is the Hazara annihilation in 1998. * Abuse as a affair : 1. The abuse of women in association 2. The abuse of accouchement (Hassan , his son , administrator of the abode ) 3. The abuse of the Russian colonizer adjoin Afghanistan and the people. * The affair of Diaspora ; it tackles the activity of the capital characters back he goes to America and escape from the bad affluence of his country had been to. * The affair of war amid Soviet and Afghanistan. A. How the Afghani bodies see the war . B. How the Roussi amusement them ( the adventure of baba with the Russian doctor – the Russian solider and the aggravation of the Afghani woman) C. The abolition of the country Conclusion : How khaled housseini presented a new trend of new orientalism as abounding criticized that he had succeeded in giving a acceptable presentation for his country. References and Sources : The New York Times – accessories Wiki pedia pages about Taliban – Afghanistan – The Soviet War The Goodreads website – quotes by Ahmed Rashid

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