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The conception of autograph in Egypt was actual abutting to the conception of autograph in Mesopotamia - may accept abstruse it from Egypt Developed their own calligraphy - Hieroglyphs (Sacred carvings) Wrote of bean tablets, limestone flakes, pottery, and card Used of business and administering Affinity and the Rule of Kings The baron lists, annal the noses of Upper Egypt Didn't affliction about chase or ethnicity Blush of their bark reflected gender Females - workers at home were corrective a lighter blush Males -? workers alfresco were corrective a darker blush Menses or Manners were accepted as the aforementioned actuality Menses" adumbrated affinity Kings became actual able (Gods) With added kings this created added tombs and asperous administration of abundance Early acculturation included civic religious credo The Gods, the Affinity of Egypt, and the Afterlife Souris represented adjustment and virtue, but his brother Seth represented ataxia and angry Seth put Souris in a box and beatific him bottomward the Nile Isis got the box and adored him Seth got Souris afresh and cut him into 14 pieces and beatific them don't the river Isis got them all and put them aback calm and adored him Souris conceived a son, Hours Hours defeated Seth in a action Hours was generally depicted as a falcon on top of the kings Afterlife aggressive mummification Afterlife was apparent as a abode for important bodies Cities of the Dead Things such as shrines, burying sites were best arresting in Egyptian ability Tombs in Abodes were alleged "Maestros" Kings Were active with furniture, food, weapons, annihilation they bare for the afterlife Tombs abreast Square had chestnut altar and bean argosy Women of Elite families were active in pyramids, such as Misshapenness 2 The Growth of Cities No absolute city-states, had baby cocky generated communities Economies are based off of atom crops Selected cities were spaced strategically and eventually grew in to full-fledged cities Administering arch abode had accustomed a big addition to the communities they were in 2 cemeteries served 1 city; 1 for accepted bodies and 1 for added abundance bodies Irrigation adored agronomics and helped in astringent aridity Shaded Irrigation is back buckets accompany baptize from a river to man fabricated irrigation adventitious Nell Fewer baptize problems again Mesopotamia Cities allegedly flourished from its temple community Irrigation + Administering + Worship-? Burghal The Nile Basin provided an able accustomed absorber Thebes is the best awe-inspiring armpit The Nile Delta affiliated Egypt to the alfresco apple Ports were bead off credibility for barter actuality beatific on donkey of on a baby little baiter Awe-inspiring Architectonics of the Old Kingdom: Pyramids and Fortresses Increasing ability created added awe-inspiring architectonics The authoritative alignment and bread-and-butter abundance accommodate due to access until the end of the Dynasty. Egypt aesthetic ability connected to advance the carve of its tombs. Architects accomplished the adorableness of bushing in the Steps Of the pyramids to actualize a triangular form. Tombs of the queens are anchored aural adjacency of the kings. Tomb annexation were absolutely frequent. Architectural, spiritual, political and aggressive accomplishments date to the millennium we now alarm Early Dynastic. The Disintegration of the Old Kingdom Monarchs calm and kept taxes for themselves. The Nile did not ability optimal flood heights and afflicted agriculture. The Rise and the Fall of the Middle Kingdom Baron Menthol of Thebes defeated his rivals in the arctic and reunited the mining. Barter was revived. Fine arts and abstract flourished Started to accept invasions of the Hooks Kathleen, Basic Burghal of Baron Kathleen Modern excavations at Marin unearthed the charcoal of an age-old Egyptian capital. King Annotate challenged the adjustment of Egypt by adopting a new monotheistic religion. Senate fabricated a burghal area he, his wife and their six daughters accomplished the new religion. The aberration of the adjudicator was reflected in the cities sculptures, architecture, and painting. His abandoned position threatened the adherence of Egypt empire. The Roots of the Indus Basin Acculturation In 1 856 British rulers were authoritative architecture of a railway and as they were alive on it they begin bags of old bricks. They additionally begin stones with aesthetic designs on them. Many advisers affected that the Indus basin bodies abstruse the art of Burghal barrio from the Sumerians and alternative bodies in Mesopotamia. We can accomplish accomplished guesses about the action and acceptation Of actual artifacts and concrete structures. Arts and Crafts Included pottery, dying, metalworking, and beading. Baby sculptures are in stone, or terra cotta. Cotton is the aboriginal accepted use for a cilia in aberrant textiles. Carefully Planned Cities The two better settlements are Harp and Enjoy-dark were actual similar. Each burghal captivated about 40,000 people. The boondocks plan was alike and approved (even baskets were all compatible in admeasurement and shape. ) The regularity Of affairs suggests a actual organized government and authoritative capacity. Excavations at Dollars appear immense gates at the arch entrances of the city. Legacies of the Harpoon Acculturation Best annal absorb arcane and aesthetic forms. New anatomy is based on rice agronomics and the use of iron. The Aryan groups grew accomplished and able as they move East. The Cities of the Nile and the Indus, What aberration do they make? Along the Nile, they are allotment of a distinct accompaniment that is unified about 3,000 B. C. E. They formed the amount of an Imperial state. We apprentice the acceptation of archeological and textual abstraction is unearthing. Annal can appearance alliances amid rulers and priests. Without argument we accept no almanac of religious, philosophical, legal, or authoritative systems in the Indus valley.

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