Outline Early Childhood Caries

Outline Anthropology Introduction Early Adolescence Atrium and accomplishments advice and statistics on the disease. Aboriginal Adolescence Atrium is a accelerated anatomy of dental atrium that can affect a child’s cocky esteem, health, articulate and accent development and affection of life. Early Adolescence Atrium – medical/dental analogue of ache A. Causes of Aboriginal Adolescence Atrium – circuitous alternation of the afterward 1. cultural behavior 2. behavioral accomplishments (parents responsibility) 3. comestible assimilation (parents responsibility) 4. biological factors B. Accident factors for Aboriginal Adolescence Atrium . Primary accident factors: assimilation of sugars and fermentable carbohydrates, the host and tooth susceptibility, and poor articulate hygiene consistent in dental plaque. Associated accident factors: canteen agriculture abnormally nocturnal canteen feeding, abiding breast feeding, abridgement of affectionate education, socioeconomic factors, un-fluoridated water. Effects on child’s cocky admire A. Abashed of actualization of aperture 1. beneath beatitude in adolescent abashed to smile 2. physically adolescent becomes black with themselves B. Taunting by alternative accouchement . bad breathe, arresting decay, missing teeth, arresting metal restorations IV. Effects on child’s all-embracing bloom A. Comestible issues 1. adapted bistro habits = beneath nutrients ingested 2. aching to eat 3. malnutrition B. Abiding infection to anatomy from adulterated teeth 1. bacterial infection entering child’s claret beck 2. ache on allowed system, connected infection harder to alleviate V. Problems with child’s articulate and accent development Oral dentition development maintaining amplitude for abiding dentition slow access of abiding teeth Possible adulteration in abiding teeth afore they access mouth. Speech development delayed speech speech adapted due to missing, repaired or aching teeth Child’s Affection of Life Physical functioning ow anatomy weight ailure to thrive malnutrition – adapted bistro ability slow advance rate Social functioning Teased by alternative accouchement for missing or visibly repaired teeth 2. abashed of teeth VII. Blockage (Preventative admeasurement for ECC are all performed by the parents) Educate parents on optimum articulate bloom care Fluoride supplements if no fluoride in water Immediate abrasion afterwards bathetic aliment intake Improve diet for child Conclusion: Consequences will abide continued afterwards adulteration is treated. Reiteration of the capital credibility in my analysis cardboard accompanied by my assessment on the accountable matter. References Acharya, S. , & Tandon, S. (2011). The aftereffect of aboriginal adolescence atrium on the affection of activity of accouchement and their parents. Contemporary Analytic Dentistry, 2(2), 98-101. DOI: 10. 4103/0976-237X. 83069 Kagihara, L. E. , Niederhauser, V. P. , & Stark, M. (2009). Assessment, management, and blockage of aboriginal adolescence caries. Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, 21, 1-10. DOI: 10. 1111/j. 1745-7599. 2008. 00367. x Manski, M. C. , & Parker, M. E. (2010). Early adolescence caries: Knowledge, attitudes, and convenance behaviors of Maryland dental hygienists. The Journal of Dental Hygiene, 84(4), 190-195. Retrieved from http://www. adha. org Marrs, J. , Trumbley, S. , & Malik, G. (2011). Aboriginal adolescence caries: Determining the accident factors and assessing the blockage strategies for nursing intervention. Pediatric Nursing Journal, 37(1), 9-15. Retrieved from http://www. pediatricnursing. net Mayo Clinic Staff, (2011). Cavities/tooth decay. Retrieved from http://www. mayoclinic. com Nuzzolese, E. , Lepore, M. M. , Montagna, F. , Marcario, V. , De Rosa, S. , Solarino, B. , & Di Vella, G. (2009). Child corruption and dental neglect: The dental team’s role in identification and prevention. International Journal of Dental Hygiene, 7, 96-100. DOI: 10. 1111/j. 1601-5037. 2008. 00324. x Plutzer, K. , & Keirse, M. J. N. C. (2010). Incidence and blockage of aboriginal adolescence atrium in one- and two-parent families. Child: care, bloom and development, 37(1), 5-10. DOI: 10. 1111/j. 1365-2214. 2010. 01114. x Thikkurissy, S. & Hague, A. (2008). Assessing accident and abbreviation dental ache in the youngchild. Access,pgs. 21-27. Retrieved from http://www. adha. org/access-magazine Wagner, R. (2008). Are you missing the analysis of the best accepted abiding ache of childhood?. Contemporary Pediatrics, 25(9), 60-79. Retrieved from http://www. contemporarypediatrics. com Zafar, S. , Harnekar, S. Y. , & Siddiqi, A. (2009). Aboriginal adolescence caries: etiology, analytic considerations, after-effects and management. International Dentistry SA, 11(4), 24-36. Retrieved from http://www. moderndentistrymedia. com

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