Outline and Proposal

The final activity for this chic is a multimedia presentation to the ambassador and burghal board of a burghal that is aggravating to attract a National Hockey League (NHL) aggregation to move to their city.  You are the carnality admiral of accounts for a consulting close that has been assassin by the ambassador and burghal board to accord them a abundant assay of what it would booty to attract an NHL aggregation to move to their city.  You are a affiliate of the bristles being aggregation that will conduct the assay and accomplish a presentation to the ambassador and burghal council.  Your albatross is to board the banking assay for the activity which includes the architecture of a sports area to board the NHL team.

For this appointment you will advance a absolute angle and outline for your presentation.  Remember that your presentation charge be at atomic 15 slides.  Your angle and outline charge beset the banking concepts that are covered in this course.  Begin your angle and outline by developing the apriorism of your presentation.  Describe the apriorism again outline it.  The outline charge accommodate at atomic three levels of detail for anniversary above aspect in the outline.  End the outline by autograph a abrupt cessation which summarizes your presentation.  The angle and outline should additionally accept a advertence folio with bristles or added references formatted in APA autograph style.  The angle and outline will adviser you through developing your presentation.

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