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We have achieved so much in helping people especially students with their assignments. This could have never been possible without our committed and highly skilled team of writers. We have employed writers from all over the world. All our writers are highly qualified and very experienced in their different fields of expertise. Apart from this, our writers have a high level of language proficiency and outstanding academic writing skills.

What are our writers good at?

We have employed writers from different backgrounds. Most of our writers are professors and graduates from the most prestigious universities and colleges in the world. Having done academic writing for a period of time, they have gained experience and thus they are able to handle any topic or any challenging or hard task.

How do we hire our writers?

To ensure we hire the best writers, we take the process of hiring very serious. We need highly qualified writers who are able to handle all assignments with no difficulty despite how hard a task may be. The following are some of the things a writer must do to be hired;

  1. They must pass through several tests both in English and in their field of specialization. They must prove they have a good command in the English language.
  2. They must also be able to show their understanding of academic writing peculiarities. This includes the use of different paper structures and formatting styles. They must be conversant with formatting styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago and Havard.
  3. They must be given a writing task with a short deadline to prove they are able to work well in a real situation.

How do we choose the right writer for you?

When selecting a writer for a certain order, we select the most qualified writer in that field of study who is available to work on the order. We will definitely get the best match for you. In case you are not sure whether a certain writer is fit to work on your order, you can get the privilege to view three of their most recent sample papers at a small fee of $5. For an order that seems complicated, just place an inquiry and we will tell you whether we can work on it after reviewing it.  This is because our writers are able to handle any type of a complicated assignment.          

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