Original work!! ONLY MESSAGE IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE MAT 300: Statistics

I crave a abstract of your appointment during this week.  At bald minimum abide your answers to genitalia 1 through 5.  It will acquiesce you to get acknowledgment and accomplish corrections afore the final submission.  Below is a video which walks you through the aboriginal four genitalia of the activity and explains how to to acknowledgment allotment 5.  I use a sample abstracts set, and the accomplish and methods are the aforementioned for your assignment.  You will aloof be application the abstracts from your assigned project.  I accept additionally absorbed the appointment instructions and abstracts sets as a convenience.   In the Anniversary 2 binder I accept the activity assignments listed.  You additionally should accept accustomed an e-mail allegorical which appointment you are to complete. In Anniversary 3 binder I accept videos for allotment 1 (Histogram) and allotment 2 (mean, median, and accepted deviation).  I accept placed for your accessibility beneath videos on how to use my Excel book (which is additionally absorbed to Dr. Wilson's Input in the Weeks 7 and 8 Instructor Insights folder) to account aplomb intervals (part 3) and conduct antecedent tests (part 4).  For this assignment, you will charge to actuate whether you should use the Beggarly Z-test or Beggarly t-test worksheet, back you are asked to acquisition the 95% aplomb breach about the beggarly and conduct a analysis about the mean.  These videos are additionally accessible in the Anniversary 7 and 8 Instructor Insights folders, forth with affair specific videos. Once you accept the after-effects of your antecedent test, you can actuate if you charge to abode (a) or (b) of allotment 5.  If you abort to adios the absent (p-value is GREATER than acceptation level), you do not accept abutment for the another hypothesis.  If you adios the absent (p-value is SMALLER than acceptation level), you accept affirmation the another antecedent is true.   Don't alternate to acquaintance me with any questions or apropos you may have. Calculating a Aplomb Interval

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