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Two paragraphs anniversary and abstracted responses  1. Privacy Challenges" Please acknowledge to the following: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) threatened to shut off BlackBerry messaging, email and Web browsing casework if the device’ s maker, Research in Motion (RIM), did not accommodate assertive advice all-important for civic security. RIM was bent amid not advice arcane advice and not endangering UAE’s civic security. Give your assessment on whether RIM should accept accustomed in to UAE’s demands or whether it should accept adequate the arcane information. Support your position. Imagine you are a mid-level administrator alive for a acclaimed all-embracing alignment and accept invested $10,000 in the alignment stock, forth with contributions to the 401k benefit. Suppose you accept absolute affirmation that the CEO was manipulating the company’s banal price. Determine if you would acquaint the stakeholders or burden from adage annihilation for abhorrence of causing the banal to plunge. Support your position. 2.Corporate Social Responsibility and Privacy"Please acknowledge to the following: From this week's video, appraise the acceptance that blooming programs actualize bread-and-butter amount while actuality socially amenable and comestible the environment.Determine whether you accede or disagree with this statement.Support your position with one example. Some supermarkets use adherence programs which accredit them to aggregate abstracts about the arcade patterns of their customers.Suppose that an allowance aggregation capital to buy this abstracts from the bazaar in adjustment to assay the behavior of its policyholders.Determine whether or not the allowance aggregation should be accustomed to buy the data. Support your position.

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