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CIS 499 1. Course Summation" Please acknowledge to the following: Describe the best important allotment of ability that you acquired during this course. Discuss means you plan to administer what you abstruse in this advance in your accepted or approaching position 2. . Role of CIO" Please acknowledge to the following: The role of CIO is the best affecting accommodation in the IT organization. Identify what you accept are the best important characteristics and qualities of acknowledged CIOs. Of the characteristics and qualities you articular above, reflect on those you accept and those you still charge to access in your able career. CIS 110 3. From the acquaint and conceptual account presented in this course, actuate the distinct best impactful or absorbing lesson/concept you accept learned. Provide a account for your response. MKT 325 4. Takeaways" Please acknowledge to the following: What are your top three (3) takeaways from this course? How do you anticipate you will use them in your accepted or approaching career endeavors? When finished, acknowledge to at atomic two (2) alternative peer's posts. SOC 105 5. "Social Networks, Amusing Interactions, and Exchange of Account and Reflection" From the Activity, booty a position on this statement: People who abide application online amusing networks such as Facebook and Twitter are an abnormal boyhood in this country. Support your position with one or two examples. Reflect: Discuss the amount of seeing an affair from different, and generally opposing, credibility of appearance and the abilities and ability you acquired from demography this course. RESPOND to addition student's comments. SOC  450 6. Making It Personal This advance advised the above threats to all-around well-being. In the readings, media, and assignments, you were challenged to accede your angle on the issues covered anniversary week. In your claimed life, what all-around affair (if any) affects you best today?     Reflect and allotment the accomplish you can booty to anticipate this affair from advancing afterpiece to home.

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