Part 1 250 words with one advertence and accommodate intext commendation in APA format. Discuss the 4 types of planned change and accommodate an archetype for anniversary one: animal action interventions, technostructural interventions, animal ability administration interventions, and cardinal change interventions. Part 2 250 words with one advertence and accommodate intext commendation in APA format.  Organization anatomy is anxious with how to bisect the all-embracing assignment into subunits and how to alike these subunits for assignment completion. The basal anatomy is apparent in Figure 12.1 absorbed below.  Organization structures should be advised to fit with at atomic four factors: 1. the environment, 2. alignment size, 3. technology, and 4. alignment strategy. Organizations acceptable anatomy themselves into one of three forms: 1. functional, task-specialized departments, 2. independent bounded units, or 3. cast structures which amalgamate both anatomic specialization and self-containment. Accelerating ecology changes accept encouraged some organizations to advance added adjustable forms including action structures, customer-centric structures, or network-based structures. Work architecture agency creating jobs and workgroups that accomplish aerial levels of agent accomplishment and productivity. The engineering access focuses on ability and simplification, and after-effects in acceptable job and work-group designs. Acceptable jobs absorb almost accepted and repetitive forms of work. Job accessory involves designing jobs with aerial levels of meaning, discretion, and ability of results. Self-managed teams await on amusing and abstruse aspects of assignment systems. · Research and altercate an alignment of your best and analyze the anatomy and assignment design. Analyze both pros and cons to their blazon of structure.

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