Organizational Development Consultants

      I charge at atomic a 150-word animadversion on my classmate’s discussion Organizational Development Consultants                     Lori posted  Professor and Classmates, The close that I called for this week’s altercation catechism is Kaiser Associates. The articulation to the firm’s website is as follows: I called this firm/website for a few reasons. First, the Kaiser Associates website adumbrated that they are accustomed thought-leaders, appear authors, and accolade acceptable Organizational Development/Human Resources Consultants. It additionally adumbrated that they were a Vault top 20 firm. After assuming some actuality checking, I apparent that the close was ranked 17th best for Human Resources Consulting. The close was founded in 1981, which agency they are a acclimatized business with 36 years of experience.  The actual presented on the Kaiser website was constant with the advice independent in this week’s account by Jeremy Lurey and Matt Griffin. Lurey and Griffin (2013) adumbrated that the “consultant creates an ambiance in which the applicant is consistently acquainted of what is accident back afterward an activity analysis approach.” They appropriate that audience should be complex in “establishing change priorities, accession and interpreting data, allegory and disseminating the results, creating activity plans, implementation, of activity plans, and evaluating results” (Lurey & Griffin, 2013). The Kaiser Associates website adumbrated that they assignment calm with alignment leaders to conduct needs assessments and analytic analyses, apparent accordant best practices, architecture blueprints, actualize assignment plans, advance content, and administer initiatives through implementation. This convenance fits Lurey and Griffin’s ideal activity analysis requirements perfectly. Considering all of the above, Kaiser is an accomplished advantage for any aggregation attractive to advance their alignment application an activity analysis approach. v/r, Lori 

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