Organizational Communication

  Assignment 2: Combining Content, Argument, and Structure—The Workshop The abode has become more assorted and global. This assortment has badly afflicted the activating of the abode over the aftermost 50 years. Regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender, bodies appetite to be advised fairly. Research abode aggravation application the afterward resources: The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (2002, June 27). Facts about animal harassment. Retrieved from Workplace Bullying Institute Web site. Retrieved from Suppose you assignment for an alignment that currently does not accept an antiharassment policy. You are activity to advance an antiharassment action for the alignment and actuate the CEO to accept it. Create a PowerPoint presentation to argue the CEO of the charge for such a policy. Use the apostle addendum breadth to address explanations and arguments and to adduce sources. Address the afterward in your presentation: What is the purpose of your proposed antiharassment policy? Why would implementing this action be benign for the CEO? What's in it for him or her? Why is it important to accept such a action in place? If the basal purpose is to stop afflictive behavior, why is that important? Why is aggravation adverse to an organization? What is your advice plan? How should the CEO present the action to the staff? What specific advice methods do you recommend, and what will the advice say? Develop an eight- to ten-slide presentation in PowerPoint format. Apply APA standards area adapted for references. 

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