Organizational Behavior Outline

CHAPTER 2: Challenges for Managers • What are the four challenges in globalization? 1. Globalizing the firm’s operation to attempt the all-around apple 2. Leading a assorted workforce 3. Encouraging absolute ethics, character, and claimed candor 4. Advancing and implementing abstruse addition in the abode • What are the changes in the all-around marketplace? 1. Amusing changes 2. Political changes Amusing and political upheavals accept led organizations to change the way they conduct business and encouraged their associates to anticipate globally. • Self-Assessment: Planning for a all-around career Self-assessment is the analytical aboriginal footfall in any career planning effort. Self appraisal is abnormally important for those whose ambition is to alive an assignment abroad, i. e. , area accustomed claimed and able abutment systems may be non-existent. Readers absorbed in advancing all-embracing application should accede their answers to the afterward types of questions in assessing their address for all-embracing employment: 1. Why am I absorbed in an all-embracing amusing assignment career? 2. Am I absorbed in adeptness change on a macro/global level? 3. Am I absorbed in alive anon with audience from a array of cultural backgrounds? Both? 4. Am I absorbed in the claimed and able development which after-effects from the acquaintance of active abroad, whatever the application situation? 5. Does my charge to an all-embracing career accommodate actuality based abroad, or would I adopt to be based in my home country? 6. What abilities do I accept to action in an all-embracing setting? [These abilities adeptness include: "generic" amusing assignment abilities such as strengths in psycho-social assessment, administration or diplomacy development; specific amusing assignment abilities accompanying to accurate issues or clients, such as pre-natal casework for dolescents, AIDS blockage programming, or alive with audience who are actuality abusers; and abstruse and linguistic abilities which may be decidedly advantageous in all-embracing settings, such as computer skills, bloom professions training, and of advance accent competencies]. 7. What are my accustomed and specific convenance interests? [These adeptness accommodate considerations of: macro vs. micro practice; authoritative vs. case administration positions; and assignment evolving from its setting, such as absolute account in an bureau base, analysis and teaching in a university setting, or advancement assignment in a animal rights organization]. . What international/intercultural acquaintance do I have? [This adeptness accommodate claimed background, work, biking or abstraction abroad, or assignment with audience of assorted education]. 9. What are my issues/preferences apropos diplomacy and adjusting to new settings? Would I feel adequate with the active altitude in a developing country or do I charge a added Westernized lifestyle? Accept I activated my abilities to be adjustable in adjusting to alien ambience and cultures? 10. What is my geographic preference? Is it all-around in scope? Developed or developing country? 11. Finally, what is my "dream job"? In planning a career, as adjoin to analytic for a accurate position, it is acute to accept a faculty of direction. Even should your advancing administration change in six months of starting your aboriginal job, your basic action will serves as the catalyst for added accurate analysis and experimentation. A bolt byword for the nineties has become "Think globally, act locally". With an all-embracing amusing assignment career, it is accessible to accept the best of both worlds--that of acting on above all-embracing amusing issues, either at home or abroad, and wherever one chooses to assignment to be affianced in analytic amusing problems of common dimensions. As the amusing ambience of the animal casework becomes added added internationalized, it is acute that amusing workers augment their apple view; the claimed and able rewards for accomplishing so can be immense. • Self-Assessment Activity: How abundant do you apperceive about animal harassment? As authentic by the Philippine Anti-Sexual Aggravation Act of 1995, animal aggravation is “a appeal for a animal favor, accustomed or not, from an employer, employee, manager, teacher, instructor, professor, coach, trainer or alternative bodies who accept authority, access or moral advantage over another.   It is committed by anyone who demands a animal favor in barter for work, advance or alternative privileges. Unwelcome animal advances, requests for animal favors, and alternative exact or concrete conduct of a animal attributes when: 1. Submission to such conduct is fabricated either absolutely or about a appellation or action of an individual's employment, or 2. Submission to or bounce of such conduct by an alone is acclimated as a base for application decisions affecting such individual, or 3. Such conduct has the purpose or aftereffect of foolishly interfering with an individual's assignment achievement or creating an intimidating, hostile, or abhorrent alive environment. Animal aggravation includes abounding things... 1. Actual or attempted abduction or animal assault. 2. Unwanted burden for animal favors. 3. Unwanted advised touching, aptitude over, cornering, or pinching. 4. Unwanted animal looks or gestures. 5. Unwanted letters, blast calls, or abstracts of a animal nature. 6. Unwanted burden for dates. 7. Unwanted animal teasing, jokes, remarks, or questions. . Referring to an developed as a girl, hunk, doll, babe, or honey. 9. Whistling at someone. 10. Cat calls. 11. Animal comments. 12. Turning assignment discussions to animal topics. 13. Animal innuendos or stories. 14. Asking about animal fantasies, preferences, or history. 15. Claimed questions about amusing or animal life. 16. Animal comments about a person's clothing, anatomy, or looks. 17. Kissing sounds, howling, and smacking lips. 18. Telling lies or overextension rumors about a person's claimed sex life. 19. Neck massage. 20. Affecting an employee's clothing, hair, or body. 21. Giving claimed gifts. 22. Hanging about a person. 23. Hugging, kissing, patting, or stroking. 24. Affecting or abrading oneself sexually about addition person. 25. Standing abutting or abrasion up adjoin a person. 26. Looking a being up and bottomward (elevator eyes). 27. Staring at someone. 28. Sexually evocative signals. 29. Facial expressions, winking, throwing kisses, or beating lips. 30. Authoritative animal gestures with easily or through anatomy movements. Animal aggravation can be a catchy affair to prove. While it’s a accustomed blackmail in the workplace, actual few are accommodating to appear out and complain. Find out what you can do about animal aggravation in case it happens in your office: The Animal Aggravation Act not alone covers those who are anon complex but additionally those who abet “in the agency of” the violation. Animal aggravation can booty several forms. If you’re the article of attention, you could be at the accepting end of awful stares, jokes, comments, notes, letters, graffiti or concrete contact. What to do in case of animal harassment? Animal aggravation can be difficult to prove, abnormally if it becomes a he said/she said event. To accomplish abiding you assure yourself, do the following: Say ‘No’ or ‘Stop it’ durably and loud abundant for addition to hear. If there are abeyant witnesses, adios the advances through a close but affable refusal. Unless you’ve been addled abounding times before, don’t accomplish the aboriginal breach a sideshow. * Express your argument to the person’s behavior acutely and durably but abstain authoritative too abundant fuss about it. Saying ‘Stop it! ’ in a loud, shrilly articulation or agreeable at the top of your lungs adeptness be beheld as affidavit that you’re a agitated person. In case of an investigation, you adeptness appear off as capricious or worse, decumbent to exaggeration. Remember that you adeptness be ambidextrous with a base being who can abolish your complaint as an abstract reaction. * Express your disapproval and be bright about it. If the being asks you why, acquaint them it makes you afflictive and you don’t anticipate its adapted behavior. Don’t smile and don’t apologize, either. You’ll appear off as anemic and unconvincing. * Document the event/s. Write bottomward the date, time, abode and assemblage to the adventure in detail. Use a account or a anthology and accumulate it in a safe place. In case you accept to book for a complaint later, this will appear in accessible as evidence. If the aggravation escalates, you can additionally appearance the account or anthology to your supervisor. * Acquaint addition about what happened. Acquaint your abutting acquaintance or acquaintance at the office. If the adventure complex touching, violence, cerebral or concrete threats, do the aforementioned and again go to your administrator or supervisor. In his absence, allocution to the HR being immediately. Don’t about-face the adventure into appointment gossip, however. If you charge acquaint anyone, accomplish abiding they are either a being of advantage or addition who could become a reliable attestant for you. * Book a complaint. Chances are your aggregation has behavior apropos animal aggravation in the workplace. Check your aggregation chiral or go to HR to accomplish abiding you accomplish the appropriate steps. They should be able to advice you boldness this problem. CHAPTER 3: Personality, Perception, and Attribution • Analysis assortment statistics in the Philippines for the abode THE "LAY DOWN OR LAY OFF POLICY" IN THE WORKPLACE Abounding women workers are subjected to animal aggravation or animal abandon in the abode (Bureau of Women and Young Workers, Sexual Aggravation at the Workplace, 1991. ). There is a byword in the Philippines that sums up the animal abandon accomplished by women in the workplace. We alarm it the "Lay Bottomward or Lay Off Policy". Prior to the achievement of the Anti-Sexual Aggravation Act of 1995 (RA 7877), women resorted to the pertinent accoutrement of the Revised Penal Code to seek redress for animal harassment. SIBOL comments that, "While Republic Act No. 7877 is a footfall advanced in acclamation animal harassment, it has several cogent limitations. " • Analysis an MBTI Instrument and acknowledgment it. CHAPTER 4: Attitude, Values and Belief What is Machiavellianism? How this chronicle to you personally? Machiavellianism is the political article of Machiavelli, which denies the appliance of chastity in political diplomacy and holds that adeptness and ambidexterity are justified in advancing and advancement political power. I do not accede with this article back the amount of my personality is morality. • Exercise: Chinese, Indian and American Values Chinese| Indian| American| 1. Mandate of Heaven 2. Confucian relations 3. Accord 4. The Chinese amount the accent of the ancestors 5. bedience, balance and self-restraint  6. They appetite to accomplish their own abeyant 7. With time and patience, the mulberry blade becomes a cottony clothes 8. Learning is a abundance that will chase its buyer everywhere 9. A book holds a abode of gold 10. Courtesy demands reciprocity| 11. Cooperation 12. Group accord 13. Modesty 14. Amount is placed on account for an individual’s address and claimed freedom 15. Placidity is valued, as is the adeptness to abide quiet and still 16. Backbone 17. Generosity 18. Indifference to buying 19. Indifference to extenuative 20. Indifference to assignment belief 21. Balance in accent 22. Accurate alert 23. Accurate ascertainment 24. Permissive adolescent rearing| 1. Claimed ascendancy over the environment/ albatross 2. Change is apparent as accustomed and absolute 3. Time and its ascendancy 4. Equality/ candor 5. Individualism/ ability 6. Self-help action 7. Competition 8. Future acclimatization 9. Action/ assignment acclimatization 10. Informality 11. Directness/ openness/ bluntness 12. Practicality/ ability 13. Materialism/ acquisitiveness|

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