organiZational Behavior

  Assume you are the administrator of the administration area you currently work. If you are not currently working, use a accomplished bearings or a academic situation; be abiding to call it. Baddest two administration theories that you accept will be best advantageous in managing your staff. Baddest altered theories or altered combinations of theories than your classmates select. Respond to the following: Assess why you ahead these theories will be best applied or helpful. Evaluate how the two theories ability collaborate with one another. Analyze whether you ahead defective altered administration methods (based on your two called theories) according to the ages, races, civic origins, cultures, genders, educational backgrounds, or job types of your subordinates. Provide all-important illustrations and citations to absolve your conclusions. Justify three best practices that appear from your called administration theories (three best practices total. You do not charge three best practices for anniversary theory). The final branch (three or four sentences) of your antecedent column should abridge the one or two key credibility that you are authoritative in your antecedent response. Your announcement should be the agnate of 1- to 2-single-spaced pages (500–1000 words) in length.

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