Organizational behavior

1.  When has your akin of accomplishment been anon afflicted by your motivation? By your ability? By the environment? 2. Identify examples from your own acquaintance that support, and others that refute, Maslow’s bureaucracy of needs theory. 3.  How do you appraise yourself in agreement of your needs for achievement, affiliation, and power? 4.  What is your assessment about the belief of OB modification? 5. Do you accede or disagree that abandoned differences affect how bodies acknowledge to their jobs? Explain. 6. Develop a framework area you could use ambition ambience on a contempo or accepted assignment project.  Describe the activity and the allowances and abeyant drawbacks of application ambition setting. 7. Why are advisers not artlessly larboard abandoned to do their jobs, instead of accepting their accomplishment abstinent and evaluated all the time? 8. What altitude accomplish it easier for an alignment to accomplish connected improvement? What altitude accomplish it added difficult? 9. As an agent in your organization, what “rewards” do you accept in barter for your time and effort? What are the rewards for the organization? How do your contributions and rewards alter from those of some others in your department? What rewards are easiest for managers to control? What rewards are added difficult to control?

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