Organisational Development Assignment

I POL POYTECHNIC OF NAMIBIA Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET ------------------------------------------------- HP-GSB STAMP Assignments charge be submitted in adamantine archetype to:- The Secretary HP-GSB Reception Tel 061 207-2850 Date Received: …………. Time Received: …………. ------------------------------------------------- I acknowledge that this appointment is our own work. I added acknowledge that breadth actual has been acclimated from alternative sources, whether by apery or by absolute quotation, it has been absolutely accustomed and referenced. I accept retained a archetype of this appointment for my records. ------------------------------------------------- Student’s Signature………… (Signed below) …….... Date: 28 September 2012 SURNAME &| Mr. Anton Scheun | ……………... | FIRST NAME:| | | STUDENT NUMBER:| | | COURSE TITLE:| Masters in Administration and Change Management| | MODULE TITLE| ODOrganisational Development| | MODULE FACILITATOR:| Dr. S. Pillay| | ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE:| 10 October 2012| | This is to accredit that the appointment is the appointment of the student, Mr A. Scheun and breadth sources were consulted; advertence was fabricated to them beneath he advertence table. ii Mr. ANTON SCHEUN 9328548 ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT ASSIGNMENT iii EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. Acquirements Organisation A Acquirements Organisation is organisations or enterprises that continuously needs to apprentice and renew themselves. This absolutely has abounding advantages for both the alone and organisation in that connected appointment of adeptness and alteration of behaviours takes place. The best way to apparatus such intervention, to become a acquirements organisation, is to articulation it to the Strategic, Tactical, Operational and Alone Affairs of agents associates in the organisation. This will ensure affiliation and anybody accidental to the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of the enterprise. By so doing, associates and the organisation become acquirements organisations, because this actualize dialogue, debate, botheration analytic skills, communication, buy-in and a win-win aggregate to all parties. 2. Accomplishment Administering Arrangement The purpose of Accomplishment Administering systems for organisations is to admeasurement the accomplishment and accomplishment of both individuals and the organisation as a whole. The PSN has already implemented a PMS at Offices, Ministries, Agencies and Regional Councils. A Accomplishment Administering Arrangement can alone “survive” if all agents associates are committed, accomplished and accept the adeptness to finer apparatus such a system. The advantages are astronomic of which alone as able-bodied as organisational goals are met at the end of the day. The able accomplishing of a PMS for the OPM will absolutely accord to able and able chump needs and accomplishment levels. 3. Absolute Affection Administering Absolute Affection Administering is an breadth which has been alone in the accomplished by the Accessible Account of Namibia (PSN). As an example, all secretaries, institutional workers, drivers and courier’s alone accomplishment affairs are chip and accumbent to the Cardinal Plan of the OPM for the abutment and accomplishment of accumulated functions. 2. 2. 4 Aggregation Learning; Aggregation acquirements involves accordant cerebration abilities that accredit groups of bodies to advance intelligence and an adeptness that is greater than the sum of alone members’ talents. As an example, aggregation affairs are conducted during Anniversary Administering Cardinal conception and development sessions by all aggregation assemblage members. This absolutely creates aggregation learning, because all ideas, inputs and strategies actuality formulated are advised and the best are congenital in corresponding plans. By so doing, all aggregation associates are buy-in and all sub-units accord to the accomplishment of the all-embracing ambition and objectives of the OPM. 2. 2. 5 Systems Thinking: Systems cerebration absorb a way of cerebration about, and a accent for anecdotic and compassionate armament and interrelationships that appearance the behaviour of systems. It helps managers and advisers akin to see how to change systems added finer and to act added in tune with the beyond processes of the accustomed and bread-and-butter world. For example, all assemblage associates of the OPM were complex with the conception and /or assay of their business re-engineering processes. These business processes, such as the application process, were adapted to accede and advance time, manpower needs, costs and approval authorities in adjustment to improve, board and accumulate such processes to the advancement of the OPM. Through this process, policies, anatomy and budgets were articular for added alteration and alignment to the organisations systems and cardinal plans. Arrangement cerebration additionally involves the identification of adapted systems that should be upgraded, such as an adapted Animal Assets Advice Administering Arrangement in adjustment to board claimed particulars, accomplishment appraisals, rewards and bacon increments to acknowledgment a few. 4 3. The under-mentioned interventions are recommended for the Abiding Secretary (PS) of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM): 3. That the OPM’s Cardinal Plan be adapted to absorb a goal: “Creating a Acquirements Organisation by 2015”, and objectives with strategies or initiatives, as spelled out below, be included. 3. 2 That the afterward strategies/interventions be considered: (a) That all administering core and managers/supervisors be included in the assay of the Anniversary Administering Plan of the OPM on a anniversary basis. This will acquiesce for buy-in, developing of bookish stimulating, argumentation and activity conception for the corresponding tactical, operational and alone affairs of the units. b) That the aforementioned aggregation retreat to review, alter and/or codify all business re-engineering processes of the OPM. This will acquiesce for aggregation building, architecture a faculty of charge arrangement cerebration and creating brainy models based on absorption of breadth the units are and breadth they appetite to be in acceding of business processes. (c) That a Training needs appraisement be conducted by the training apparatus in adjustment to analyze competency, abilities and behavioural deficiencies. This will accredit the OPM to analyze and ectify these deficiencies and additionally to body accommodation in the OPM and Accessible Account of Namibia. (PSN) (d) That agents associates be articular and accomplished as advisers and coaches to affect mentorship programmes in the OPM and to become coaches in their corresponding units. This will accredit alteration of knowledge, abilities and change in behaviours of staff. Added that advisers and apprenticeship will accord to claimed adeptness of alone needs and objectives with OPM’s objectives. e) That units should developed in-service –training programmes in areas of articular deficiencies, such as activity formulation, antidotal procedures, application and placement, etc. This will accord to accommodation architecture and absorption to circadian deficiencies in the appointment place. It will acquiesce for cantankerous cultural and assemblage aggregation architecture and botheration analytic issues. (f) That the training account be utilised to board for abbreviate courses and leadership/ administering development for individuals, teams and the broader organisation. This will absolutely accord a articulation amid alone and organisational ambition achievement, accommodation building, inputs, accession and aggregation learning. (g) That as allotment of career development, managers be transferred, every bristles years to new posts. Further, that job circling and job amplification is implemented in job descriptions to amplitude the appointment and agent capacities for development of -to-be agents associates to college posts as allotment of the assumption plan of the OPM. 5 (h) That a Bursary Scheme be created to acquiesce agents associates to abstraction in articular fields breadth accommodation is bare in the OPM. This will abetment the OPM in abilities shortages and to advance accommodation of agents and the organisation. (i) That focus groups, tasks teams and committees be created as a bang for ideas, botheration solving, creating of new innovations in the fields of adversity management, application conception and measures to assimilation agents associates at the OPM. (j) That a added abundant acquirements access be adopted by the OPM, whereby agents has the befalling to booty risks, accomplish mistakes, reflect on their decisions they had taken and change their behaviours accordingly. 3. 3. Conclusion: The OPM, as able-bodied as any organisation are adverse connected challenges in the conception of themselves to become a acquirements organisation. The conception of a acquirements organisation is not a abbreviate appellation activity and cannot be done overnight, but should rather be long-termed focused and be allotment of any cardinal plan of a accustomed enterprise. In its bedfellow to become a acquirements organisation, the Accessible Account of Namibia and the OPM are adverse the botheration to be acclimated as a springboard to access accordant acquaintance and qualifications, breadth afterwards agents associates abandon to attending for greener pastures. The organisational interventions that were recommended will absolutely abetment the OPM to become a added able acquirements organisation in the beside future. 1. 2 Accomplishment Administering 1. 2. 1 The afterward definitions are postulated: (a) Accomplishment administering is the activity of creating a appointment ambiance or ambience in which bodies are enabled to accomplish to the best of their abilities. Accomplishment administering is a accomplished appointment arrangement that begins back a job is authentic as needed. It ends back an agent leaves your organization”. (www. humanresources. about. com ,cited 6/10/2012) b) Accomplishment means:” the act or activity of assuming or accustomed out”. (Oxford Dictionary, folio 885) (c) “An appraisement of an employee, process, accessories or alternative agency to barometer advance adjoin agreed goals” (www. businessdictionary. com,cited 6/10/2012) (d) The acceptance own analogue is: “Performance administering is a administering system, acclimated by managers, to adjudge advisers with affiliation to ambition achievement, antidotal measures to be implemented and anecdotic approaching knowledge, abilities and behaviours to advance accomplishment of people”. 6 1. 2. What are the challenges with absorption to a Accomplishment Administering Arrangement (PMS)? The challenges are: (a) Band managers are not consistently absolutely committed to the accomplishing processes of the PMS. (b) It requires absolute charge from top management, administering cadres, band managers, supervisors, accomplishment champions and agents members. (c) It requires a apperception about-face to a new accomplishment culture. (d) It is an chip access that links to Directives, Rules, and Regulations. (e) It identifies and needs coaching, mentoring, training and in-service training programmes. f) It provides for an chip account approach. (g) Accomplishment champions and drivers should be articular and trained. (h) PMDS Moderating Committees should be accustomed to monitor, appraise and accommodate antidotal actions. (i) It is time arresting to conduct accomplishment appraisals and accumulate annal of accomplishment and behaviours of employees. (j) It should be criterion with alternative organisations to aftereffect absolute affection administering and to accumulate beside with latest developments and accomplishment administering computerized systems. 1. 2. What are the allowances of a Accomplishment Administering System? The allowances are: (a) To accomplish advice that supports alternative animal assets activities, i. e. application and selection, rewards and appropriate treatment, antidotal and grievances, HIV/AIDS and wellbeing, bursary, training and development to acknowledgment a few. (b) It serves as a two way advice access amid band managers and agents associates through which accuracy is acquired apropos the accomplishment of goals and objectives and what anniversary affair expects from the other. 7 c) It helps to analyze job descriptions, organisational goals and objectives. (d) It is a continued appellation (continuous) activity in which accomplishment improves over time. (e) It relies on accord and cooperation amid employer and employee, rather than ascendancy or coercion. (f) It requires a administering appearance which is accessible and honest and encourages two-way advice and connected acknowledgment on akin of agents members’ performances. (g) It assists managers and agents associates to admeasurement and appraise accomplishment adjoin accordingly agreed objectives, standards and key accomplishment indicators. h) It contributes to organisational learning, organisational face-lifting and absolute affection administering and to the accomplishment of Eyes 2030 of Namibia. 1. 2. 4 The under-mentioned interventions are recommended for the Abiding Secretary (PS) of the OPM: (a) The PSN should authorize and operationalized a PMS, based on the Balance Score agenda access of Dr’s Kaplan and Norton. To do this, a PMS Activity framework and allegorical chiral for agents associates should be aggregate and affiliated to the Accessible Account Act, Act No. 13 of 1995. (b) In adjustment to roll-out the PMS, the afterward sub-interventions are needed: 1) Cardinal Affairs charge to be developed and explained to all agents associates in adjustment to get buy-in and change apperception sets of accessible servants. (2) Cardinal Affairs should be cascaded to tactical, operational and group/individual accomplishment affairs and accomplishment affairs to legalise and actualize accountability for the accomplishment or non- accomplishment of organisational goals, objectives and activities. (3) Cardinal Affairs should be supplemented by structural changes, job analysis, manpower planning to finer board PMS with alternative capital and sub-systems of the PSN. 4) The PMS should be bazaar through a vision, mission, values, advice and training strategy. To this accomplishment champions should be identified, accomplished and use to alternation –the –trainer in Offices, Ministries, Agencies and Regional Councils (OMARC’s). Training interventions should be advance to alternation ministers, abiding secretaries and administering cadres to access buy-in and commitment. (5) Altered committees should be accustomed to baby-sit the implementation, monitoring, evaluation, antidotal action, address procedures and accolade systems of the PSN. To this, a PMS Administering Committee, a PMS Working Committee and a PMS Training and Champion Committee should be accustomed to aftereffect accomplishing with acceding of references. 8 (6) In adjustment for PMS to be finer and calmly implemented, it should be rolled-out as a project. To this J. P. Kotter’s Eight- Footfall archetypal is recommended to apparatus the PMS as a change administering initiative. (Robbins & Judge, 2011). Refer to Appendix: A- a presentation which was accustomed by Accumulation 2. (c) Accomplishment Agreements or Packs should be aggregate and accomplishment amid the admiral and agents member. d) Job profiles or descriptions should be aggregate and absorbed to accomplishment agreements. These two elements affectation the bounden position to what is required, whereby the accomplishment acceding emphasized the goals and objectives that charge to be accomplished by the alone or group. (e) The Antidotal Activity should be adapted to baby for beneath performers and agents who abort to accomplish at all. (f) Rewards, both built-in and acquired should anatomy allotment of the PMS Activity framework. (g) The appraisement procedure, appraisement marks and arrangement to access accomplishment abstracts should anatomy allotment of the PMS Operational Manual. h) Recognition to agents should be given, annually, on the 23 June of anniversary year, to accompany with the anniversary of Africa Accessible Account Day. (i) A account vote should be accustomed to OMARC’s to baby for banking expenses. (j) The appraisement of agents should be conducted on a anniversary basis. (k) OMARC’s should abide a accomplishment address to the OPM on an anniversary base as allotment of their Anniversary Address on their corresponding performances. 1. 2. 5. Conclusion: It is the assessment of the apprentice that the OPM and any organisation should accept a PMS arrangement to clue performances of bodies adjoin those objectives in their accomplishment contracts. The PMS arrangement will not alone accord to accomplishment per se, but will animate accessible communication, feedback, botheration analytic issues which inter alia accord to organisational acquirements and a arrangement of absolute affection management. The able accomplishing of a PMS for the OPM will absolutely accord to able and able chump needs and accomplishment levels. 9 3. Absolute Affection Administering 3. 1 Introduction: Absolute Affection Administering (TQM) has started in the USA in the mid-1970’s. Philip Crosby, one of the founders of TQM claimed that over 90% of TQM initiatives failed. Studies in European countries begin a abortion amount of 70% or more. The acumen for this is that managers acquaintance problems how to administer the change activity in implementing a absolute TQM system. (Burnes, 2009). TQM exceeds the artefact affection approach, involves all advisers in the organisation and encompasses all functions, i. e. administration, communications, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, planning, training, etc. (www. businessdictionary. com ,cited 2012) 3. 2 The afterward definitions are postulated: a) TQM can be defined: “as an controlling charge to a administering adeptness which fosters the advance of affection of all activities and articles via the prioritisation of affection additional companywide organisational development and training”. (Hill, 2011). (b) “Total Affection Administering or TQM is an commutual aesthetics of administering for continuously convalescent the affection of articles and processes”. (www. wikipedia. com ,cited 2012) (c) “TQM is an advance affairs which provides accoutrement and techniques for connected advance based on facts and analysis; and if appropriately implemented, it avoids counterproductive organisational infighting”. www. acounting4management. com/total _quality management. htm, 2012). 3. 3 The acceptation of Absolute Quality Management: TQM has altered meanings that accommodate the afterward features: (a) The charge and absolute captivation of the highest-level admiral in ambience affection goals and policies, allocation of resources, and ecology of results. (b) Realisation that transforming and organisation agency axiological changes in basal behavior and practises and that this transformation is everyone’s job. (c) Architecture affection into articles and practices appropriate from the beginning. d) Compassionate of the alteration needs of the centralized and alien customers, stakeholders, and acceptable them in a amount able manner. 10 (e) Instituting administration in abode of bald administration so that every alone performs in the best accessible address to advance affection and productivity, thereby abbreviation absolute cost. (f) Eliminating barriers amid bodies and departments so that they appointment as teams to accomplish accepted objectives. (g) Instituting adjustable programs for training and education, and accouterment allusive 3. 4 The advantages and disadvantages of Absolute Affection Management: . 4. 1 The advantages are: (a) Lower costs. “TQM lower costs throughout the business basement and organisation. Because it is an all-embracing affection administering programme, TQM helps altered departments to acquaint their needs, problems and desires with anniversary other, so that applicable solutions can be begin that will advice the organisation cut costs throughout the accumulation chain, administration chain, aircraft and receiving, accounting and administering departments afterwards accident abundance or the adeptness to accomplish rapidly in the face of change. (www. ehow. com ,cited 7/10/2012) (b) Improved Reputation. “TQM has the advantage of convalescent accumulated as able-bodied as artefact reputations in the marketplace, because errors and abnormal articles are apparent abundant added rapidly than alternative a non-TQM system, and generally afore they are anytime beatific to bazaar or begin in the easily of public”. (www. ehow. com ,cited 7/10/2012) (c) College agent morale. “Workers are motivated by added responsibility, aggregation appointment and captivation in decisions of TQM”. (www. ehow. om ,cited 7/10/2012) (d) Affection ascendancy inspectors. “Inspectors will ensure that the articles and casework accommodated the requirements and standards of the applicant and organisation, which absolutely accord to bigger account delivery”. 3. 4. 2 The disadvantages are: (a) Attrition to change. ” Workers may feel that their jobs or occupations aural the aggregation are at risks beneath a absolute TQM program, and as a result, they may be apathetic or aggressive to authoritative the all-important changes for the TQM to appointment properly. In addition, accomplished workers may be absent as they adjudge to leave because of their anxiety at the administration that things are headed aural the company, or they may not apparatus things properly, costing access cost”. (www. ehow. com ,cited 7/10/2012) 11 (b) Aerial amount of time. The aerial amount of implementing a TQM program, and the actuality that it may booty several years for the affairs to be absolutely implemented afore after-effects and allowances are seen, can be a huge disadvantage to a TQM program, abnormally in today’s ambiguous bread-and-butter conditions. TQM should be advised a abiding investment”. (www. ehow. com ,cited 7/10/2012) (c) Aggressive to change. Workers may be aggressive to change and may feel beneath defended in their jobs”. (www. ehow. com ,cited 7/10/2012) 3. 5 The under-mentioned interventions are recommended for the Abiding Secretary (PS) of the OPM: The Absolute Affection Administering Arrangement is awful recommended for the Accessible Account due to the afterward reasons: (a) The PSN needs an apparatus which can admeasurement articles (i. e. anniversary reports, speeches, etc. and services(i. e. Health, character cards, Namibian passports, bearing and afterlife certificates, agent agile services, aliment and ammunition consumption, the acknowledgment on advance of training ) to advance account commitment clients, barter and the accessible at large. (b) Absolute Affection Administering will ensure the minimisation of wastage. (c) TQM will accord to able and able account commitment to centralized and alien clients, and abnormally to the Presidents Office, Prime Minister, and cabinet. d) TQM will ensure that the aliment donated to crisis areas, such as Katima Mulilo and Oshikoto Region, during the acute backing seasons as able-bodied as aridity abatement programmes, be monitored and/or not get rotten. (e) TQM will accord to aggregation architecture and cantankerous anatomic interaction, botheration analytic and complete agitation amid Offices, Ministries, Agencies and Regional Councils (OMASRC’s). (f) It will ensure that artefact and casework could be branded which in about-face will accept a absolute appulse on the OMASRC’s and government as a whole. g) It will actualize bang to aggregation work, college acuteness levels, greater responsibilities and alike empowerment of agents associates in the beheading of this specific function. It may additionally accomplish agents associates appreciative to see the end after-effects of artefact and casework in which they were anon complex in. (h) It will force the OPM to set standards and requirements for articles and casework which will eventually advance to the conception of Namibia’s own government brand, such as the SABS standards. (i) It will actualize added application of specialist as inspectors that will not alone be utilised for analysis of such articles and services, but can additionally 2 be congenital in a Department of Inspectorate for the Accessible Account of Namibia. Such a Department doesn’t abide and charge austere consideration. (j) As with attrition to change, it’s recommended that Kotter’s eight footfall plan be followed, as adumbrated in Appendix: A. (k) That a vote is created and the Ministry of Finance be assigned to allocated funds for the accomplishing of TQM in the PSN. (l) That the OPM, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Transport and Communications be acclimated as pilot ministries in the aboriginal two years during roll-out of the project. 3. 6. Conclusion: The PSN and the government charge a affection software arrangement to appraise its articles and services. There is a accessible clamor that the PSN and Government should advance chump accomplishment by bringing their casework to the accessible and that they should change. It’s the assessment of the apprentice that TQM, as a administering apparatus will accommodate for such a altitude in adjustment to accommodate able and able account commitment to clients, barter and stakeholders. TQM will decidedly advice to advance the accepted and altitude of accomplishment administering in the PSN. . Six Sigma: 4. 1 Introduction: The artist of the Six Sigma abstraction was Bill Smith in 1986. Affection advance controls, such as TQM, were acclimated to avant-garde this concept. Six Sigma is the activity of eliminating and absolute abstracts entry. This abstraction is based on activity methodologies acclimated to strengthen accomplishment levels, according to www. insigma. com. In 2006, Motorola issued a columnist absolution advertence that they had $17 billion adored from Six Sigma”. (www. ehow. com ,cited 7/10/2012) 4. 2 Definition: a) The activity analogue of TQM is authentic as;” Six Sigma projects accept acutely authentic deliverables, are administering approved, are not so big that they’re annoying and not so little that they’re unimportant or uninteresting, and chronicle anon to the organisation,s mission, according to www. isixsigma. com”. (www. ehow. com ,cited 7/10/2012) 13 4. 3 Advantages and disadvantages of six sigma: 4. 3. 1 The advantages are: (a) “The advantage is that Six Sigma is a affection accepted that establishes a ambition of no added than3. 4 defects per actor units or procedures “. b) “Six Sigma aims to aerate chump accomplishment and abbreviate defects”. (c) “Six Sigma is a apparatus that if acclimated correctly, can analyze key areas of business processes that charge absorption to lower aftereffect rates. One of the greatest advantages is that all the abstinent improvements accomplished through this address can be anon adapted into banking results”. (d) “Research proves that firms that auspiciously apparatus Six Sigma accomplish bigger in around every business category, including acknowledgment on sales, acknowledgment on investment, application advance and banal amount growth”. Source: (www. ehow. com , cited 7/10/2012). 4. 3. 1 The disadvantages are: (a) The closing costs to apparatus Six Sigma are actual high. To this, Becthel Corporation in the USA has spent USD 30 actor to apparatus Six Sigma. (b) According to a affection expert, Joseph M. Duran, Six Sigma is declared as “a basal adaptation of affection improvement” advertence that “there is annihilation new there…they accept adopted added baroque terms, like belts with altered colors” Source: (Integrating Organisational Development and Six Sigma. Jeffrey, B. ) 4. Recommendations to the Abiding Secretary: (a) Six Sigma should not be implemented in the Accessible Account of Namibia in the abbreviate to average term, but it should be advised whether the Namibia Defence Force can do analysis and conduct a achievability abstraction to actuate the activity of Six Sigma for the PSN. Analysis adumbrated that the United States of America has alien it in their Navy with success. Source: www. accounting4management. com, 2012). (b) The TQM activity should be accustomed aboriginal antecedence in OMASRC’s, afore Six Sigma is advised in the PSN. c) It is added recommended that banking and manpower be allocated to conduct such a achievability abstraction and that the Ministry of Finance absolution funds and a vote to antecedent this research. 14 (d) The aloft should be agitated out according to activity administering attempt and procedures. (e) The achievability abstraction should be submitted, afterwards presentation to the Abiding Secretaries affair on 30 June 2013. During this affair it can added be recommended whether Six Sigma should be alien and be roll-out to the PSN. 4. 5 Conclusions: Although Six Sigma is broadly used, abnormally in the USA and Europe, no affirmation could be begin that Namibia is application it currently. This may be, because it is not amount able and/or there is not yet a bazaar for it. It is acerb recommended that the NDF, abnormally the Navy should conduct a analysis and achievability abstraction to actuate whether it is applicable for Namibia and if the Defence Force may account in the continued run. This address will announce whether Six Sigma can be roll-out to the blow of the Accessible Account of Namibia. REFERENCES Burnes, B. Managing Change. Fifth Edition. 2009. Pearson Apprenticeship Limited. England. Nel, P. S. , Gerber, P. D. , Van Dyk, P. S. , Haasbroek, G. D. , Schultz, H. B. , Sono, T. , Werner, A. Animal Assets Management. 5th Edition. 2011. Oxford University Press. Southern Africa. Hill, M. Abstraction actual on Managing Bodies and Organisations. July 2011. Windhoek. Robbins, S. P. , & Judge, T. A. A. , Organisational Behavior. Global Edition. 2011. Prentice Hall. New Jersey. www. acounting4management. com/total affection management. htm, Analogue and Explanation of the Abstraction of Absolute Affection Administering System. Cited 7/10/2012. www. businessdictionary. om. Analogue of Absolute Affection Administering System. Cited 7/ 10/2012. www. businessdictionary. com . Cited 6/10/2012 www. ehow. com. Advantages and disadvantages of TQM. Cited 7/10/2012. www. humanresources. about. com. Cited 6/10/201 www. hrfolks. com. The Acquirements Organisation. Review- Rohan Nagwekar. Cited 1/10/2012. www. see. ed. ac. uk. Acquirements organisations. Cited 1/10/2012. www. wikipedia. com. Cited 6/10/2012. 15 APPENDIX Appendix: A- Leading change: Why transformational efforts fail. Presented by Accumulation 2 of Masters in Administration and Change Management, anachronous September 2012

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