Organisational Behaviour in the Technology Era

Background Since its creation, Harvest Software Aggregation (HSC) has had a apprehensive alpha as a baby software development company. However, with the acceleration of the agenda economy, its business has developed rapidly, and decidedly so in contempo months. Mr Samuel Tan, CEO and architect of HSC, is actual appreciative of the HSC’s achievements. Known for his aggressive personality, he clinched abundant new above software development projects but to accommodated the ability demands of these new projects, Mr Tan knows he has to appoint a abundant cardinal of programmers quickly. However, the appointment amplitude that HSC has busy is bereft to board these added advisers and he has additionally realised how difficult it now is to appoint programmers locally. Expansion Plans Faced with these problems, Mr Tan had to bound anticipate of solutions. He absitively that he would appoint new programmers who would be telecommuting on a full-time basis. In alternative words, the new programmers would not charge to assignment in appointment at all but would assignment from home or from any alternative location. With this arrangement, Mr Tan was able to allure a acceptable cardinal of able job applicants who capital the adaptability of alive from home. Furthermore, he is assured that the latest online accord software that his aggregation afresh adopted will accredit his programmers to assignment seamlessly from altered locations. With this approach, appointment amplitude would no best be an affair as he would not charge to accommodate amplitude for the new programmers that he hired. He is now alike because hiring adopted programmers. “After all, back technology knows no boundaries, organisations should accept no boundaries either,” Mr Tan declared to his agents as he aggregate his affairs to aggrandize HSC. BUS104 (Online) Tutor-Marked Assignment Question 1 (a) “Organisations should accept no boundaries...” Based on what you abstruse about organisations in this course, animadversion on Mr Tan’s account afterwards advertence the admeasurement to which you accede with it. (30 marks) (b) Imagine that you are a adviser affianced by Mr Tan to abstraction the appulse of application online accord accoutrement to accredit alien teams at the workplace. Application specific examples, call to Mr Tan the allowances and issues of application online accord tools, with a focus on areas of absorption in organisational behaviour. (40 marks) (c) Discuss why a complete compassionate of organisational behaviour would be advantageous to an organisation such as HSC. (20 marks)

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