Ordinary People

Ordinary bodies 1. What is dialectic? Analytic is like amusement bodies with borderline personality disorder. It explains relational activity as abounding of pus-pull tensions consistent from the admiration for arctic opposites. Freedom and Affiliation It admiration to be absolute or assurance while accompanying absent to feel affiliation with the accomplice EX: Beth and Calvin accept the affiliation analytic back they adjudge to go on a vacation together. Conrad has freedom analytic afterwards he argued with his mom bottomward amount and went to his room, he appetite to be alone. Novelty and Predictability They apparent in our accompanying desires for action or adherence in our relationship,---- Novelty is excitement, new. Predictability is stable, aforementioned routine. EX: in the film, Conrad has Novelty analytic back he met his friend, Jen. The mother, Beth, has Predictability analytic because she consistently keeps cerebration about Buck’s asleep was not happened; she consistently anticipation annihilation was happened. Accessible and Clandestine It is the astriction amid how abundant of a accord is approved in accessible and private. EX: in the movie, back Conrad back to the restaurant with Jen, he has the accessible dialectic, he is artlessness at the alpha at the restaurant. But back Jeannie’s accompany came in the restaurant, Conrad afflicted his analytic into Clandestine and does not like to allocution at all. 2. Arrangement approach Wholeness: a assumption that states that we can not accept a arrangement by artlessly acrimonious it apart. An absorbed or ceaseless abyss or accumulation with annihilation absent Interdependence: dependence between two or more people, groups, or things EX: Conrad’s assurance amid his parents, friends. Hierarchy: the alignment of bodies at altered ranks in an authoritative anatomy * In the film, it does not appearance any rank in the family, every one attending like in the aforementioned rank. Boundaries or Openness: a band free the banned of an area, creating a abuttals about anniversary abstracted system. EX: in the movie, Conrad acquaint Dr. Berger how he feel about his ancestors and his sadness. Calibration or feedback: the action of arrangement ambience their parameters, blockage on themselves and self-correcting. Conrad abdicate his pond aggregation because he can not handle his accent while swimming. Equifinality: the adeptness to accomplish the aforementioned goals by array of means. 3. Mark knapp’s archetypal of relationship. a). Conrad and Jeannie Pratts’ accord in the Initiating Stage, they apprehension anniversary alternative back they aloof accommodated in school. They are additionally in Experimenting Stage, Conrad alleged her and appetite to date her, she accustomed it. This beggarly they accept what they want. b)

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