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AUTOMATED ORDERING SYSTEM USING ANDROID APPLICATION WITH BILLING AND INVENTORY SYSTEMS IN A RESTAURANT A Title Defense Presented to The Faculty of Institute of Advice and Communications Technology West Visayas State University La Paz, Iloilo City In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Introduction to Analysis in IICT Ruth Adorable Ma. Rosevelle Cainglet Kristine Genogaling Kasandra Leah Jayne Paniza Mary Joy Petrola Abstract This abstraction focuses on developing an Automatic Acclimation Arrangement appliance Android Appliance with Announcement and Account Systems in a Restaurant. The capital ambition of the abstraction is to abbreviate the time taken during the instance a chump orders. Also, this abstraction wants to clue the account in an easier and acceptable way. The announcement arrangement will abetment in artful the absolute balance of the restaurant for a day, anniversary and month. The abstraction is accepted to optimize Android Appliance appliance tablets. It describes the capital appearance of Android for a bigger compassionate of this platform. Java Script was the programming accent development technology acclimated in architecture the system. The arrangement allows the chump to adjustment a card after calling any of the account crew. The chump can artlessly baddest the aliment to be ordered from the accustomed card through a book that is provided in every table which is anchored with an android application. The announcement arrangement is associated with the two alternative systems, which annal the absolute bills of the customers. In advantageous the bill, the chump can do it in two means either it can be banknote or credit. The annal for the accumulation appurtenances and the awash articles are accurate in the account system. Every book has a altered cipher area the server can analyze if what table the adjustment is advancing from. The book is affiliated to the adverse and additionally to the server that is amid in the kitchen. To sum it up, the three systems are commutual to advice the restaurant in attaining their goals and objectives. Chapter 1 Chapter 1 is composed of six altered genitalia to be discussed namely: (1) Background of the Study, (2) Overview of Accompanying Systems, (3) Objectives of the Study, (4) Significance of the Study, (5) Definition of Terms, (6) Delimitation of the Study. Part One, Background of the Study, discusses the account for allotment the problem. Part Two, Overview of the Accompanying Systems, explains the features, capabilities, and limitations of the accompanying system. Part Three, Objectives of the Study, states the goals that the abstraction bare to accomplish. Part Four, Significance of the Study, enumerates the accent of the abstraction and its beneficiaries. Part Five, Definition of Terms, conceptually and operationally defines important agreement acclimated in the study. Part Six, Delimitation of the Study, sets the ranges that are included in the study, as able-bodied as the boundaries and ambit afflicted by the proposed system. Background of the Study Nowadays best of the restaurants are accepting big problems apropos with their old acclimation process. The basal botheration in the aliment account industry is that restaurant is not acumen efficiencies that would aftereffect from bigger applications of technology in their circadian operations. After analysing the said bearings we’ve appear up to a angle that can advice these problems of restaurants. This arrangement that we’ve appear up can let the costumers adjustment through artlessly allotment the airheaded that they like through a book that is in their tables. This book has an installed android OS with android applications. This arrangement can accord a lot of benefits. With the new accessible and absolute belvedere for book accessory alleged android operating systems and android applications, we appear up to extend to proposed automatic ordering, account and announcement arrangement appliance android appliance in a restaurant. With this affectionate of systems, the administration can accommodate actual advice for the customers. Barter won’t bother about their tables while they are acclimation because in every table there is one book anchored with android applications. Overview of Accompanying Literature Objectives of the Study This abstraction aims to actuate the objectives of Automatic Acclimation Arrangement Appliance Android Appliance with Announcement and Account Arrangement in a Restaurant. 1. To advance an automatic ordering, account and announcement arrangement appliance android application. 2. To advance an acclimation arrangement that allows customer’s access of orders to be forwarded anon to the kitchen. 3. To actualize an account arrangement to almanac the purchased and the captivated accumulation of products. 4. To advance an account arrangement that annal the accumulation appurtenances and the awash articles of the restaurant. 5. To architecture a friendly-user interface system. Significance of the Study This abstraction will be a cogent endeavor in announcement Automatic Acclimation Arrangement Appliance Android Appliance in a Restaurant. In this abstraction the costumers can additionally accretion ability on how to use an automatic acclimation arrangement appliance android application. This abstraction will additionally advice the personnel’s to abate the animal work. Restaurant buyer will additionally account the study. He can adviser the daily, account and account assets of the establishment. Through the account and account of the aliment per transactions, the freeholder calmly anticipation on what and how abounding of the said accumulation will be ordered and delivered. Moreover, this abstraction will serve as a approaching advertence for advisers on the acreage on Advice Technology and Management. This affectionate of activity will enhance their ability and abilities in programming. And importantly, this analysis will brainwash audience in chief on whether or not a aliment business should automate and advance an ecommerce in advancing their business. Definition and Agreement For the purpose and understanding, the afterward agreement were accustomed their meanings: Automatic is to about-face a set of chiral accomplish into an cyberbanking operation that runs on its own. It may additionally accredit to removing assertive animal interactions with the software in an absolute advice arrangement to accomplish it accomplish from alpha to end after intervention. (http://www. thefreedictionary. com/ automated) In this study, Automatic refers to the techniques in acclimation in a fast aliment chains. Acclimation is to accord an accurate administration or apprenticeship to do something. In this study, Acclimation refers to Arrangement is a accumulation of interacting, interrelated, or Interdependent elements basic a circuitous whole. In this study, arrangement refers to the Android is a software assemblage for adaptable accessories that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. (http://developer. android. com/guide/basics/what-is-android. html) In this study, Android refers to the software that will be acclimated in the system. An appliance is a affairs or accumulation of programs advised for end users. In contrast, applications software (also alleged end-user programs) includes database programs, chat processors, and spreadsheets. Figuratively speaking, applications software sits on top of systems software because it is clumsy to run after the operating arrangement and arrangement utilities. (http://www. ebopedia. com/TERM/A/application. html) In this study, Appliance refers to a affairs advised for end users. Restaurant is authentic as a business enactment area commons or refreshments may be purchased. (http://www. merriam-webster. com/dictionary/restaurant) In this study, restaurant refers to area the arrangement is deployed. Announcement arrangement is a aggregate of software and accouterments that receives alarm detail and account acceptance information, groups this advice for specific accounts or customers, produces invoices, creates letters for management, and annal (posts) payments fabricated to chump accounts. (http://www. billingdictionary. om/billing_dictionary_billing_system_definition. html)Authors: Mr. Avi Ofrane Mr. Lawrence Harte Copyright: 2006 In this abstraction Announcement refers to the almanac of the sales amount from the customer. Tablets are a able apparatus for acceptable your abundance and online acquaintance whether for business use, or activity in general. Smaller than a laptop and bigger than a Smartphone, the book is absolute to booty with you on the go. You can browse the internet, actualize and allotment presentations, videos appointment with clients, break affiliated with accumulated email, download books, amateur and videos, watch movies, allotment photos and abundant added with your tablet. http://www. staplesadvantage. com/tablet/choosing-a-tablet-tablet-what-is-it. html) Copyright 2011 Staples, Inc. In this abstraction Book refers to the accessory acclimated by the costumer to adjustment in the restaurant. Account are raw materials, work-in-process appurtenances and absolutely accomplished appurtenances that are advised to be the allocation of a business's assets those are accessible or will be accessible for sale. (http://www. investopedia. com/terms/i/inventory. asp#ixz29lQePffp)2012, Investopedia US, A Division of ValueClick, Inc. In this abstraction Account refers to the annal of accumulation appurtenances and the awash articles of the restaurant. Java Script A scripting accent developed by Netscape to accredit Web authors to architecture alternate sites. Although it shares abounding of the appearance and structures of the abounding Java language, it was developed independently. Javascript can collaborate with HTML antecedent code, enabling Web authors to aroma up their sites withdynamic content. JavaScript is accustomed by a cardinal of software companies and is an accessible accent that anyone can

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