Orange and Bronze Main Problem

Development of online android appliance bazaar for Orange and Bronze Main Problem: a. The aggregation has no testing armpit or centralized point of for their applications software products. Specific Problems: a. Abounding software articles are non-marketable b. Bound cardinal of their software articles beheld in the accessible Causes of the Problems: a. Alternative countries accept altered speculations of software articles because of their ability b. Almost all of their software articles is for their big audience such as accenture, advance, Aeon, Allied Telesis, Technologies so hey don't accord the overview of their articles because of aegis purposes and copyrighted. c. Effects of the Problems: a. More software articles will be ashen b. Loss of clients. General Subject Area: Appliance of Adaptable Technology in the acreage of Business II. Specific Topic: The OBAAM is an Philippine android online appliance that enables the user to download and browse adaptable application. It additionally helps the Appliance developer to broadcast their own appliance for testing Ill. Definition of the Topic: A. Accent and Significance The purpose of this abstraction is to accept an efficient, reliable, and activity entralized benefactor of software artefact of the aggregation that can be beheld and download in public. This abstraction aims to present band-aid to the development ot arrangement that will advice the aggregation to upload their apps (made by their Junior programmer) for testing. It additionally helps alternative developer's abstraction not to be wasted. This analysis activity allows us accretion advice for the development of a system. It additionally advice us for our approaching career. Through this research, we will already accept a blink in what we will do in the future. B. Manageability: (Scope and Limitations) Is the analysis affair aural your capability? What: Descriptions and types The OBAAM is an online Android appliance that will advice the aggregation to analysis their software products. Feedbacks from the user of the software will advice the aggregation for added improvements of the software. Who: users and beneficiaries Through this proposed system, the user could calmly acquisition company's android apps alike those abnormal apps that can alone be downloaded in the Philippines. The users will be benefitted by accepting acknowledgment letters that will be the base on convalescent the said arrangement Where: users and applications To use the said system, the user will crave android devices. When: actual accomplishments The aggregation focuses in accouterment software casework and software articles on abounding big audience so lots of their software articles cannot be beheld or download. Why: accent and appliance The arrangement will advice the client, user and the aggregation collaborate accouterment their altered needs. The arrangement will administer the software articles fabricated by the aggregation and account both aggregation and user How: process, functions and operations The processes accommodate browsing and downloading of new software apps, uploading apps ,writing suggestions or bugs in forums and C. Availabili y ot Resources: (Sources ot Intormation) Where do you intend to get the information? Primary Data: Thesis and Dissertation Secondary Data: Internet Others: Journals, Articles D. Expected Output/ObJectives A arrangement anesthetized the afterward appraisal in agreement of efficiency, reliability, functionality and maintainability. It will advice the aggregation to analysis their software, user to acquisition abnormal adaptable android apps and save account in agreement of marketability. General Objective: A advised and developed arrangement and that will the appraisal in agreement of functionality, reliability, and maintainability. The arrangement is a apable of advertisement bugs. The address or acknowledgment will appear from the users via forums. Specific Objectives: The proposed arrangement will advice the aggregation to access the cardinal of software articles beheld in accessible that will advance to accretion cardinal of their client. The arrangement will be the alembic of software articles in which it will accomplish the abnormal software articles bankable so abounding account will not be wasted. University of Makati J. P. Rizal Ext. West Rembo, Makati City College of Computer Science Name: Canizares, Francis Joseph Diamante Garcia, Catherine Echipare Reyes, Edgar Peralta Program: Bachelor ot Science in Intormation Technology Major in Service Management TOPIC PRESENTATION Affair No. l. General Subject Area II. Specific Affair Ill. Specific of Analysis a. Accomplishments of the Abstraction Orange and Bronze was founded in July 2005 by Calen Martin Legaspi and Renato "Butch" Landingin. Calen Legaspi says that they "wanted to authorize a technology- aggressive aggregation that Filipinos can be appreciative of... we would additionally appetite to accord to all-around programming standards, actualize new technologies and be with the aforementioned akin calm with globally-respected companies like Google, Microsoft and BoostPro. The aggregation started as a two-man consulting close accomplishing software training for bounded software companies. Their audience eventually assassin them as software consultants, afore the aggregation ventured into adopted software development projects. This led to partnerships with Google, Springsource and Pentaho. Orange & Bronze Software Labs Inc. (O&B) is a privately-owned computer software development aggregation based in the Philippines. The aggregation delivers software consulting, artefact engineering, and IT training casework with a focus on Java technology. Their mantra is to auspiciously actualize software and accommodate technology olutions that work. b. Analysis Description i. General Objectives To advance an Appliance Bazaar that will serve as a centralized acquaintance point and benefactor of apps for Android Accessories Specitlc O 1 . Evaluate the arrangement in agreement of functionality, reliability, ability and maintainability 2. Advance the arrangement advised 3. Provision of defended acquittal mechanisms 4. Avoidance of Downtime ill. Scope and Limitations This abstraction is bound to browsing, downloading of Android apps for user, allotment of appliance blazon and publishing of appliance for Developer The OBAAM will alone assignment whenever there is an internet connection.

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