Option #2: Organizational Staffing and Development Portfolio Presentation

Option #2: Organizational Staffing and Development Portfolio Presentation In this final Portfolio Project presentation, you will allegorize the acquaint abstruse throughout this term. For this portfolio assignment: Consider an alignment you currently assignment for or accept formed for in the past.  Assume that you accept been asked to brainwash the chief administration of that alignment apropos the allowances of a staffing and development plan that is affiliated to the organization’s cardinal plan.   Explain the staffing and development to the organization’s chief administration including a advocacy that the alignment advance the archetypal in their staffing practices.  Address elements of the plan, the interrelationships amid staffing and development and how these are affiliated to an appulse the organization’s cardinal plan. Address any abeyant attrition to the action used.  Include examples and recommendations.  Develop three (3) recommendations on how to advance aloft the accepted staffing and development policies. These recommendations should be new and innovative, showcasing your adroitness based on what you abstruse in the course. Assess any attrition to these recommendations, and how that would be overcome. The presentation (PowerPoint or alternative presentation program) should be 7 slides, not including appellation or advertence slides, and chase CSU-Global APA architecture (Links to an alien site.).  A minimum of bristles bookish sources should be cited and referenced. Consider alternative industry/trade and government sources as well. Use the addendum folio for all-encompassing talking credibility and to appearance an compassionate of the topics.

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