Option 1: Outline and Questions

 Submit an outline and questions for your Portfolio Activity in a Word certificate with abstracted awning and references pages. Accommodate the following: State your Portfolio Activity advantage choice. Provide an outline of your paper. Your outline should accommodate headers (the above topics), above resources, and the advised breeze of the advice in the activity for the accounting allocation of the Portfolio Activity requirements for advantage 1. Under anniversary header, address a few sentences on what you anticipate you ability awning in that section. Provide citations for three accessories that you ability accede application as references for your final Portfolio Project. These sources cannot accommodate the appropriate or recommended account abstracts for this module. Format your citations or references in APA style. Give a abbreviate acumen why you feel anniversary antecedent would be pertinent to your project. This is not accepted to be a final list. The ambition actuality is to actuate you to activate analytical analysis that ability advice you in your final Portfolio Project. Provide your adviser with a account of questions you accept at this point apropos your advantage choice. You MUST accept at atomic one question. You potentially should accept assorted questions by now, abnormally afterwards cerebration about how you are activity to go about affair the requirements of your Portfolio Projec

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