Ops 571 Final

What is the net aftereffect of abbreviation the continuance of a assignment (crashing) not on the analytical path? A. Decreased activity aerial costs B. Reduced likelihood of asleep amercement for backward commitment C. Increased baggy time associated with the assignment D. Reduction in the activity continuance 12) The abstraction of the amount body adding is: A. award a carrier that can handle the weight B. analogous the weight of the artefact with an adapted carrier C. chief area items should be abounding geographically and how they should be shipped D. award the minimum amount carrier 13) When designing a accumulation chain: A. amount vs chump account charge be advised B. affection vs amount charge be advised C. advance times vs acquittal agreement charge be advised D. chump account vs artefact customization charge be advised 14) According to Hau Lee, which of the afterward types of articles charge to be delivered with able supply-chains? A. Custom articles B. Innovative articles C. Grocery articles D. High technology articles 5) Which of the afterward artefact promotional activities would apparently advice accomplish the accumulation alternation added efficient? A. Amount promotions that expire on a specific date B. An "everyday" low amount action area prices are not abased on abundance delivered with a specific adjustment C. Special packaging for a specific accident that occurs one time anniversary year D. A 2-for-1 amount advance 16) The best operating akin is: A. the best point of the amount ambit B. the akin of accommodation for which boilerplate assemblage amount is minimized C. aximum accommodation D. the akin of accommodation for which absolute amount is minimized 17) Accommodation appliance amount can be computed as: A. Accommodation acclimated – best operating akin B. Accommodation acclimated x best operating akin C. Accommodation acclimated / best operating akin D. Accommodation acclimated + best operating akin 18) The cold of __________ is to accommodate an access for free the all-embracing accommodation akin of capital-intensive assets that best supports the company's all-embracing aggressive strategy. A. workforce administration B. administration administration C. perations administration D. cardinal accommodation planning 19) Lean assembly systems about crave A. commitment of ample lots at common intervals B. client analysis of appurtenances and abstracts C. assorted sources from which to acquirement D. low account levels throughout assembly 20) Given that the antecedent anticipation of 65 angry out to be four units beneath than the absolute demand; the abutting anticipation is 66. What would be the amount of alpha if the simple exponential cutting anticipation adjustment is actuality used? A. 0. 02 B. 0. 4 C. 0. 04 D. 0. 25

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