Opportunities for Women-Owned Businesses

Introduction Women business owners are crucially basic to the American economy.  Women are establishing businesses at alert the clip of all businesses and actual in business longer. In fact, America's about 9.1 actor women-owned businesses accommodate assignment for about 27.5 actor individuals and put in about $3.6 abundance to the abridgement (Page, 2006).  Nevertheless, women abide to accost attenuate and characteristic barriers and challenges in the apple of business.  This cardboard will authorize that in animosity of present all-around turndown, there are now amazing opportunities for women endemic businesses both domestically and in the all-embracing bazaar place. The absolute cardinal of women endemic companies throughout the apple provides ample business-to-business (B2B) opportunities. Actually, US women endemic companies spent about $48 billion on technology accessories abandoned (Page, 2006). This aloof proves that women can absolutely acknowledge in this 21st aeon by their numbers to the "ole boy's network" of old. These women business owners are a primary force in the all-around abridgement with ample spending powers. The major obstacles to trading internationally are frequently the time and costs anxious with accepting it done.  The costs of business to a cardinal of altered countries at the aforementioned time can be unusual. It takes some time to go into new markets, it takes ample time to body new business relationships and it takes a lot of time to actualize the appropriate contracts.  A cardinal of the accepted methods of entering new markets have been accord at all-embracing conferences or barter fairs.  These can be time consuming, expensive, and, unluckily, not at all times productive. Some time ago,  globalization has been set abreast for the aristocratic corporate, with their   huge budgets and   massive resources. For a lot of baby businesses axis out to be a amateur on the apple bazaar was   just basically added than their expectations. For women business owners, there's generally bifold whammies, since women are frequently beneath the basic basic for starting up in business and again generally beneath basic for advance and expansion.  Women business owners frequently abridgement admission to advice and accessible admission to a accustomed barter network. In the year 2000, Admiral Bill Clinton accomplished Executive Order 13157 bombastic his administration's agreement to advocacy opportunities for women-owned businesses (Office of the Press Secretary, May 29, 2000).  The E.O. appropriate agencies and departments to codify abiding absolute strategies to advance and admission opportunities for women-owned businesses. The Executive Order additionally answerable federal agencies to "meet or exceed" the bristles percent government-contracting cold that now subsist for women-owned businesses. At present, there are assorted supports actuality offered to actualize opportunities for women-owned businesses and advice these women entrepreneurs achieve in their businesses.  First, there is the growing acceptance of acceptance amid women-owned businesses; next, there is accretion federal accretion opportunities for women-owned businesses; and third, a web armpit was created to abetment women business owners admission federal contracts. Certification Growing in Acceptance Amid Women-Owned Businesses Nowadays, acceptance to authorize for government affairs is acceptable added accepted amid women-owned businesses (Page, 2006). Specifically, a lot of women-owned businesses in Oklahoma are accepting or accepting acceptance to accommodated the belief or authorize for government contracts. Moreover, acceptance additionally offers firms endemic by women an advantage in accepting affairs from big corporations, as mentioned by Debbie Hurst, admiral of the Women's Business Council-Southwest. According to Hurst, she informs women that acceptance can be a cogent allotment of their business apparatus case. Hurst added that with alone 5 percent of women business enterprises accepting government and accumulated affairs yearly, there is still a charge to arch the gap amid the opportunities for business and the adequacy of women-owned businesses (Page, 2006). The accumulation Women's Business Council-Southwest (WBCS), with address in Arlington, Texas, stands for women-owned businesses amid in Oklahoma, arctic Texas, New Mexico, and Arkansas. The affiliation operates in allocation with the Women's Business Action Civic Board to endorse and accredit members. As asserted by Hurst, the cardinal of Oklahoma companies accepting acceptance has added 60 percent anytime back the year 2004, the year the Oklahoma Administration Forum was created by the bounded accumulation (Page, 2006). As maintained by Tamara Walden, admiral of Walden Energy (a certified women-owned business) based in Tulsa and a board affiliate The Oklahoma Administration Forum was conceived to abetment women capitalists addition business and accretion admission to added affairs (Page, 2006). Walden added that acceptance is a basic business apparatus for accretion a women-owned business' afterimage amid accretion accommodation makers and accumulated supplier. Several companies necessitate that a close be accountant or certified afore they will action a arrangement as a women's business enterprise. The WBCS is appetite to actualize alertness of that actuality to bounded businesses, as able-bodied as alms educational opportunities and fun networking that advice abutment that. There is affiance and abeyant for growing certifications in Oklahoma for the acumen that the accompaniment has a projected 77,000 women-owned companies (Page, 2006). Moreover, there is an astronomic bazaar of women-owned businesses that are not availing of acceptance programs like that actuality offered by WBCS that can advice them admission assortment and government programs. Growing Federal Accretion Opportunities for Women-Owned Businesses Although Federal accretion ability not complete like a cogent affair to the accepted public, or alike a appellation that a lot of bodies is acquainted of, it is advised one of the best profitable, yet complicated and difficult, markets for baby businesses to access, accurately those endemic by under-represented minorities and women. According to the Appointment of the Press Secretary (May 29, 20000), in the year 1999, women-owned businesses composed 38 percent of all businesses but acquired alone 2.4 percent of the $189 billion in Federal prime contracts. Certain Federal agencies accept taken the advance in operating with women endemic businesses, and charge be applauded. As adumbrated by the Federal Accretion Data System, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Federal Mine Safety & Health Review Commission, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Baby Business Administration accept all not aloof met the bristles percent objective, but accept appear in at about fifteen percent or bigger (Office of the Press Secretary, May 29, 2000). These Federal agencies admit that analogous and operating with women-owned businesses is not alone a altruistic exercise. These businesses endemic by women are dependable, strong, and do acceptable work. Furthermore, these companies action a solid account to their clients, and the Federal application admiral are acquainted of it. Altogether, about 20 Federal agencies either accomplished or exceeded the bristles percent objective. Thus, this aloof proves that it is absolutely accessible for government agencies to achieve the bristles percent goal. Nevertheless, it is advancing that agencies will assignment harder, adhering to the examples of the agencies mentioned above, to arrangement with women-owned businesses.   Over the years, government admiral are admiring of abundant initiatives to addition assets and opportunities for women-owned businesses. For instance, several senators accept anesthetized legislation to re-authorize the Civic Women's Business Board for a aeon of three (3) years, and to accession the anniversary allotment from $600,000 to a absolute of $1 million. Allotment of that bulk will be activated to advice Federal agencies amuse the five-percent accretion cold for businesses endemic by women (Seck, May 23, 2000). The Civic Women's Business Board has offered arresting administration in this field, authoritative bigger application opportunities a capital affair back it was accustomed in the year 1988, and becoming acclaim from Republicans and Democrats for two accepted and all-encompassing accretion studies it appear in the years 1998 and 1999. Besides comestible reauthorization of the Civic Women's Business Council, Senator Kerry accomplished the Women's Business Centers Sustainability Act of 1999 (Seck, May 23, 2000). Proclaimed a accessible law, that Act is acceptable Centers accord with the allotment limitations that accept been authoritative it added and added adamantine for them to advance the akin of casework they action afterwards they alum from the Women's Business Centers affairs and no best be accustomed federal analogous finances. Hence, it is assertive that Admiral Clinton’s Executive Order creates a able arrangement aural the Federal Government for adopting the cardinal of affairs that can be acquired by women-owned businesses. SBA Creates Web Armpit to Advice Women Business Owners Admission Federal Contracts In the year 2000, the U.S. Baby Business Administration (SBA) launched a new web site, which aimed to addition accretion and networking opportunities to women-owned businesses by agency of putting all application abetment advice at a distinct on-line site. The web armpit alleged WomenBiz.gov is a collective adventure of SBA's Appointment of Federal Arrangement Abetment for Women Business Owners, Civic Women's Business Council, the Interagency Committee for Women's Business Enterprise, and the SBA's Appointment of Women's Business Ownership (Comtex News Network, 2000). WomenBiz.gov offers women-owned businesses absolute admission to the government networks and the federal accretion accoutrement to draw on the $200 billion federal marketplace. Furthermore, the web armpit functions as the official aperture to over 100 accretion and accretion sites hosted by a array of federal agencies. Furthermore, the web armpit additionally incorporates access to Electronic Posting System, PRO-Net, the GSA Federal Supply Schedule Program, DefenseLINK, CBDNet, and SBA's Government Application folio (Comtex News Network, 2000). Back Admiral Clinton asked the SBA to advance the efforts to accomplish abiding that women-owned businesses be accustomed their fair allotment of federal contracts, SBA answered that alarm and common its affiance to the Admiral Clinton’s action admitting acknowledging the barrage of its web armpit and establishing the office. These are two basic instruments for alms accretion opportunities to women-owned businesses. Generally, the web armpit contains advice pages distinctively developed to advice women entrepreneurs who appetite to booty allotment in government procurement. Meanwhile, the women's application appointment is one of abundant initiatives the White House has instigated to animate accretion opportunities for women-owned businesses. Conclusion All of the initiatives discussed in this cardboard appearance that there are several commutual civic behavior to admission accretion opportunities for businesses endemic by women. The astounding advance and success of women-owned businesses was primarily due to the development of a civic arrangement of women's business centers and organizations. As an aftereffect of lobbying by women business owners and the enactment of the SBA’s Appointment of Women's Business Ownership, assorted women's business centers accept offered ambitious entrepreneurs with able and all-important knowledge, information, training, skills, loans, and abstruse assistance. Nowadays, the Federal agencies accept started to accomplish advance from the time back Congress implemented the five-percent accretion goal, but the application managers should accumulate in apperception that this ambition is aloof a minimum, not a maximum. Out of the over 9 actor women-owned businesses in the United States, the Federal Government can acquisition ones that are reliable and qualified, with acceptable articles and casework to boost, to fulfil their affairs if they accomplish it a capital affair or top priority. References Comtex News Network.  SBA Unveils New Web Armpit to Advice Women Business Owners Get Federal Contracts.  U.S. Newswire, September 12, 2000. Office of the Press Secretary.  Executive Order 13157-Increasing Opportunities for Women-Owned Baby Businesses.  Compilation of Presidential Documents, May 29, 2000. Page, David.  Acceptance growing in acceptance amid women-owned businesses.  Dolan Media Newswires.  March 18, 2006. Seck, Kathyrn. Kerry Floor Statement on Accretion Federal Accretion Opportunities for Women-Owned Businesses.  U.S. Senate Committee on Baby Business and Entrepreneurship.  May 23, 2000.

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