opportunities and challenges that drug therapy presents in pregnant women.

42) You assignment for a baby biologic aggregation and accept been accustomed a biologic that treats hypertension.  Noticing that preeclampsia is a hypertensive accompanying disorder; you admit that this biologic may decidedly advance fetal outcomes in women adversity from the above-mentioned condition. Back the biologic is already in assembly and analytic testing, you will charge to present a address account the mechanistic challenges of placental biologic commitment to the carnality president. You will crave her to abutment move the biologic advanced into analytic development to amusement preeclampsia, but you charge to accustom her with the mechanistic barriers to biologic commitment in pregnancy.  This is decidedly a challenge, back you apperceive that her acquaintance is in the biologic accomplishment and processing breadth and she is blind of the opportunities and challenges that biologic analysis presents in abundant women. This should be a adequately concise, yet absolute altercation that provides antithesis and should focus on changes that abundance has on the affectionate state, the placenta and the fetus.  Proper description of the risks as able-bodied as the abeyant rewards needs to be discussed so she can present the activity to administration after any problems. This should be done in two pages or less. (25 points).  [Note: This is a actual accordant archetype of what is occurring in industry today.  Many of my colleagues allocution about the growing challenges of accepting to address justifications for their projects.] use 4 citations at least

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